Future Patient of Hospital Closest to Meghan Markle's Home Hopes She Won't Give Birth with Them

Junie Sihlangu
Apr 12, 2019
08:23 A.M.
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Prince Harry and his pregnant wife Duchess Meghan have relocated to their new home in Windsor and it seems the most likely place for the delivery of their child will be the Frimley Park Hospital.


However, one woman who is planning on giving birth around the same time as Meghan, at the same hospital, has shared her concerns

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan now live at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor which happens to be 30-minutes away from the closest hospital Frimley Park. The NHS hospital is the same one where Sophie, Countess of Wessex gave birth to her two children.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry | Photo: Getty Images


The hospital might also be an option for the Royal couple because of the luxury it offers. Frimley Park Hospital's Mulberry Suite has double beds, low-level lighting, birthing pools, and a vegan menu.

However, not everyone is thrilled that Meghan might give birth there. Adele Mayo, an expectant mother, said she hoped the Duchess wouldn't be on the same ward as her own.

Mayo shared that there was only one birthing pool. She jokingly explained: "Meghan and I are due at a similar time. I'm kind of hoping that we don't go into labour at the same time because I know that she'll be given the preferential treatment and probably go into the room that I want to.”


Frimley Park Hospital | Photo: Wikipedia/Euchiasmus

The labor ward at the hospital has 12 rooms, however, the Mulberry Suite is the one most pregnant women want. It hosts 6 spacious rooms with 1 offering a birthing pool.


Mayo said, "I'm practising hynobirthing [sic] so I really wanted to have a natural birthing experience." She further elaborated on her choice saying: "The Mulberry suite offers low lighting, aromatherapy, you have a birthing pool there. It actually looks a bit spa-like which I quite liked about it.”

She added: “I'm praying it's not a busy night on the ward when I go into labour because there's only six rooms and the one room which has the birthing pool in it and all the low lights. That's the one I have my heart set on."

Frimley Park Hospital Maternity Room | Photo: Daily Mail


Jessica Moore, another mother who’s given birth there praised the hospital’s facilities. She said: "The food is, for hospital food, fantastic. It's really good, healthy food and cooked fresh. You can have vegan burgers if you so wish.”

She continued: “It's maybe even been modelled on expensive, private suites because it does look very luxurious. It's like a home-from-home. It's perfect. If I had a choice I wouldn't give birth anywhere else."

Frimley Park Hospital Birthing Pool | Photo: Daily Mail


Another parent, Jennifer Mancey, also gave her input. She stated: "It's like going into a hotel. The beds were perfectly made out as if they've just been ironed. Every room was different so it was more personal to you."

She revealed that when she gave birth there, the hospital provided a double bed so that her husband could stay overnight. Mancey shared: "They were very accommodating with that. The staff are fantastic. There is nothing you can't ask them, there are no silly questions. They do their best for you."

Duchess Meghan | Photo: Getty Images


Reports state that Meghan politely refused to use the Queen’s doctors for her birth as per tradition. The Duchess allegedly insisted that she didn’t want “the men in suits” to oversee the birth of her first child.

Instead, she’s appointed her own delivery team which will be led by an unnamed female doctor. All three children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attended to by Royal household gynecologists Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston.

The pair are among the best in the world.