Story: Woman with Two Kids Had Nothing to Eat and Asked a Store Manager for Help

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 11, 2019
06:28 P.M.
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A woman with two hungry kids was helpless and had nowhere to go. With all hope lost, she summoned the courage to talk to a store manager and ask for help.


The store manager had an intimidating appearance, with his 6’3” frame and muscular build making him taller and bigger than most people; what many didn’t know was that he had a heart of gold. His encounter with a helpless woman with two starving kids brought forth this side of him.


The woman was having a rough day and seemed to be out of ideas as to where to go for help. She summoned the courage and walked into the store with her children, one aged two and the other five-years-old.

She went straight to the store employee and asked to see the store manager. The employee noticed her appearance and could see that she looked scared, had messy hair, was tired and in need of sleep. He called the manager, and he granted the woman an audience.

Sad woman alone on street subway staircase | Photo: Shutterstock

Sad woman alone on street subway staircase | Photo: Shutterstock


She explained to the manager that she was formerly married to an abusive man, and had to escape from him, along with her children. She managed to secure an apartment in the neighborhood with the help of her friend, but it was presently empty and they had nothing to eat.

At this point, she asked the manager for help. The manager had compassion for her and told her to go up and fill a buggy with food and come to his line after she finished with that. He also asked her to get a hot meal for herself and her children from the deli.

Photo of a well prepared delicious meal | Image: Shutterstock

Photo of a well prepared delicious meal | Image: Shutterstock


When she finished with all of that she came back to the employee, who then rang the manager. The manager asked the woman to wait and paid the employee for her cart. He then called the employee to his office. While in his office, he handed the employee a note for the woman and ordered him to give it to her and also help carry her things to her car.

When the employee handed the note to her, she started crying, much to his surprise. Apparently, the bill contained words from the store manager; he felt sorry for her state and offered to help her with child care and a job offer.

Woman in a grocery store | Photo: Getty Images

Woman in a grocery store | Photo: Getty Images

Presently, the woman works at the store and is a very nice person. The world still has beautiful people in it and that was a great show of empathy from the store manager. We all should emulate such kindness and help one another.

Source: BoredDaddy

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