6-Month-Old Baby Overjoyed at Meeting Her Great-Grandmother for the First Time

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 12, 2019
12:08 P.M.
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Little Elia Luciani had an overwhelming reaction recently when she finally met her 104-year-old great-grandmother, Tina Rose, for the first time.


In a Facebook video, the six-month-old baby can be seen chuckling and cooing as she leaned into Tina. She even touched the senior woman's face.


“She was just impressed by Elia’s strength and saying, ‘Oh! She’s trying to kiss me!"

According to PEOPLE, Semira Luciani, 35, and Justin Luciani, 39, from New Jersey, went to Battle Creek, Michigan, with their first child, Elia, to acquaint the baby with her great-grandmother.

“Right when saw she started laughing and trying to go toward my grandma, and I’d never seen her act that way in my life,” Semira told the news outlet.

“Elia was just cracking up and happy and trying to touch my grandma and snuggle up to her — and she doesn’t even do that to us!” she added.


Semira continued that it seems the pair were conversing with one another and knew each other from before.

“I swear they must have known each other in a past life,” she explained. “They’re like two souls that recognize each other. It was like two friends seeing each other after a lifetime apart.”


Semira and her husband Justin were keen to get to Tina’s home to celebrate her 104th birthday.

“At first they were staring at each other and smiling and laughing and rubbing heads. My grandma was saying how was so strong, saying she was so beautiful,” she recounted. 

“She was just impressed by Elia’s strength and saying, ‘Oh! She’s trying to kiss me! She was so happy, she just lit up. They were very cute together.”

Semira is now hoping Elia and Tina will share their special bond for years to come.

“I hope they have this reaction every time they see each other,” she said. “Our grandma is the matriarch of our family, and she’s such an incredible person. I’m so glad that they bonded that instantaneously. I hope my daughter is just like my grandma.”