Remember Kid Who Played Halle’s Son in 'Monster’s Ball'? He's a Grown-Up Man Now & Looks Different

Coronji Calhoun, the actor best known for portraying Tyrell, the morbidly obese son of Lawrence and Leticia Musgrove in the 2001 film “Monster’s Ball,” is 28 now.

When “Money Ball” hit theaters, everybody knew it would be one of the best films of the year, especially for Halle Berry’s performance as Leticia, which won her the Best Actress Oscar Award and made her the first Black actress to win it.

Coronji also attracted a lot of attention because he was only 10 years old at the time, had never acted before, and his performance was so affecting that it has remained in people’s heads for a long time.


During an interview Halle had with IO Film, she recalled the scene when Leticia hit Tyrell for hiding candy. She said that she and the director of the film, Marc Forster, talked to Coronji before shooting that part.

“Marc and I were talking to him, saying this is just a movie, and I kept saying, everything I do and say, it's not real. I really think you're wonderful. And he said, 'Well, whatever you do to me, Halle Berry, it isn't going to be worse than what the kids at school do to me,'” revealed the actress.

One of the principal reasons why Coronji’s performance was so epic was that he brought his own experience about being fat to the big screen.


Soon after working in the film, he was one of the missing children listed after Hurricane Katrina stroke the US. Thankfully, it was later revealed that he was living about 25 miles outside of New Orleans in a town that sustained little damage from the hurricane.

At the moment, the actor is 28 years old and has a seven-year-old son. Apart from that, he tried to get a role on the Fox series “Empire” as he posted a message online trying to reach out to the show’s director Lee Daniels.


Speaking of Halle, she recently made headlines by posing topless and wearing a shiny, loose, and colorful skirt in front of her kitchen while holding an egg in one hand and a pan in the other.

Since she was not facing at the camera, her back was on full display, showing off a beautiful spine tattoo that nobody knew she had gotten. It was a long vine with leaves on both sides that ran from the top of her neck to her lower back.

Apart from the ink, one of the aspects that attracted a lot of attention to the image was how muscular the actress looked.

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