Joan Collins Is ‘Shaken’ as She Escapes Fire and Shares a Devastating Video of Its Aftermath

Joan Collins’ husband Percy saved the day after a fire broke out in their London home over the weekend.

A rep for the famed actress told PEOPLE that a fire broke out in the guest suite of the couple’s home on Saturday. Percy went to investigate after they started smelling smoke, and found the suite on fire.

“Percy had two of those fire extinguishers in the apartment, so he rushed in to start putting the fire out, and Joan called for the fire brigade to come,” the rep said.

By the time the firefighters arrived, Percy had most of the fire under control, and both escaped the blaze unharmed. “They escaped the fire unhurt, but obviously shaken up and distressed from the whole thing,” the rep added. “Percy really saved the day. He was the one who put the fire out and took control until the fire brigade arrived.”

The 85-year-old icon didn’t hesitate in thanking everyone for their assistance on Sunday as she took to Twitter to share her gratitude. Joan’s first tweet she dedicated to the first responders who arrived at her home during the fire:

A few minutes later Joan posted her second tweet wherein she also thanked the police for their vigilance as she wrote:

The actress’ rep added that Joan and Percy were feeling “better today” shortly before Joan posted a video of the damage after they went back to have a look.

After everything settled down following the fire, the true extent of the damage became strikingly clear, and a shock it must have been to see for sure, as Joan could repeatedly be heard saying, “Oh my God,” as the camera panned through the room.

It took ten firefighters to put out the fire at Joan and Percy’s home in the Belgravia section of London, according to BBC. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police added that they concluded the fire to be non-suspicious.

The fire brigade received the call to go the actress’ first-floor apartment in the seven-story building at 4:28 pm and had the blaze under control by 5:36 pm.

Joan did a bit of saving in her own way many moons ago when she became known as Alexis in the television hit series “Dynasty.”

The show’s first season didn’t rank very well and reached a top spot of 28. With Joan in mind, the show’s creator, Esther Shapiro created the role of Alexis, who made her appearance during the second season of the family drama series.

Shortly after Joan made her appearance on “Dynasty,” the ratings rocketed, and they jumped into the top 20.

By the show’s fifth season it had become the US’s most-watch television show as the former TV executive Ted Harbert said in 2001, "The truth is we didn't really believe we had this thing done as a hit until Joan Collins walked down that courtroom aisle.”

The actress’ sister, Jackie died in 2015 after a seven-year battle with cancer, and in a recent interview, Joan spoke of how she is sure that her sister still comes to visit her from beyond.

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