Kelly Clarkson Mocks Blake Shelton: 'Need More Alcohol, Bro?'

Kelly Clarkson is back on set at The Voice and up to mischief as she planted a reminder of her coaching success in Blake Shelton’s trailer.

On the singer’s first day back, Kelly filmed herself as she snuck into Blake’s trailer wearing sweats with tied up hair an no makeup as she looked for the perfect place to plant her winning trophy of the previous season.

“I just got my Kelly Clarkson winner Chevel Shepherd [trophy], and I just thought maybe Blake forgot,” the 36-year-old said as she made her way to his trailer.

Once inside she began looking around and added, “Maybe he forgot how awesome I am, so I thought I’d just leave it, just like, right in his trailer.”

She looked around and said, “Where’s Smithworks, buddy?” as Kelly referred to Blake's favorite vodka brand before she opened his alcohol cabinet. “Oh, here it is,” she added. “Do you need more alcohol, bro? That's awesome,” Kelly added as she saw his collection of wine, vodka and other bottles of alcohol.

As Kelly finally found a place to put her award before she got distracted by her fellow coach’s alcohol stash, she told fans how she already had a cover story worked out as she said towards the end of the clip, “Oh, they must have put my award in your trailer by mistake, but I will take it back since I won it and you didn’t!”

But Blake’s favorite brand of vodka isn’t just any kind of vodka; it's his own brand which he launched in March 2016.

During a statement at the time, Blake said that he felt “excited for everyone to finally taste what we’ve been crafting.” While the brand’s core outlook focus on quality moments shared with “good people and great drinks.”

The vodka is made with corn that comes from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, while the product is bottled in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

At the time, Blake’s brand of vodka became available across the US in limited markets that covered states like Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Kelly is no stranger to Blake’s drinking preferences as they have had many drinks together in the past. However, when Kelly, Blake and Adam Levine went out in Oklahoma one evening, the three almost got into big trouble.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on March 20 last year, Blake Shelton spilled all the details of how they got pulled over by a police officer whom they then proceeded to grill much to Adam’s fearful dismay.

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