Officer & His Wife Ruin Family Day as They Start Terrible Argument with Dad-Of-7 over Parking Space

An off-duty police officer and his wife became involved in an ugly incident in an Atlanta parking lot.

Bryan Tucker took his seven children to the Sky Zone trampoline park in McDonough, Georgia, on April 7.

But what was supposed to be a fun Sunday outing ended in an ugly confrontation with an off-duty police officer and his wife.

“Well, y’all must want to go to jail in Henry County today.”


Tucker and his family were in the process of leaving when they were accosted by the off-duty officer and his wife who wanted his parking spot.

Tucker's sister's fiancé explained that they would have to wait since they were still loading the 7 children into the vehicle, at which point the man became aggressive, and told his wife to get a gun.

Trampoloines/ Source: Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Trampoloines/ Source: Sky Zone Trampoline Park


At this point, the officer's wife approached the family with her hands behind her back, as if she was carrying a hidden gun.

The police later confirmed that the surveillance video showed the woman approaching with her hand concealed behind her back or at her hip.

The investigating officer in charge of the case has revealed that he will be requesting a simple assault warrant for the officer's wife

Brian Tucker/ Twitter/Tom Jones

Brian Tucker/ Twitter/Tom Jones


Tucker reported the incident to the police and accused the couple of assault and intimidation.

The off-duty police officer and his wife were contacted by the media but declined to comment on the incident.


The investigating officer in charge of the case has revealed that he will be requesting a simple assault warrant for the officer's wife from the magistrate judge since she was the one who allegedly threatened the family.

Tucker has asked that the off-duty officer be charged too, and pointed out that his behavior was particularly worrisome since he is a police officer, responsible for maintaining the peace and protecting the public.

This is only the latest incident involving police officers and members of the public that threaten to explode into violence.

Police car/ Source: Pexels

Police car/ Source: Pexels


Another parking lot altercation in Charlotte North Carolina left a man dead. Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, released a video showing an officer opening fire and fatally wounding an armed man in a fast food restaurant parking lot.

In the video, the officer can be seen repeatedly telling the armed man to put his gun on the ground in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

The officers were responding to a 911 call that reported that an armed man was pointing a gun at a Burger King employee.

Officers Deal and Kerl approached the man later identified as Danquirs Franklin and asked him to put down his gun. 

After being told to drop the weapon or put it on the ground about 20 times, Franklin's right hand slowly appeared and Kerl shot him twice.

Officer Wende Kerl is on administrative leave and facing an investigation into Danquirs Franklin's shooting.

Franklin looks incredulous. His words are barely audible over the commotion, but he appears to say something to the effect of, "You told me to..." before grimacing in pain, collapsing into the door and rolling on his side, onto the asphalt.

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