Meet ‘Criminal Minds’ Joe Mantegna’s Beautiful Wife of 43 Years and Their Autistic Daughter

Comfort Omovre
Apr 25, 2019
12:08 P.M.
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Joe Mantegna is well-established in the movie industry, and it is quite heartwarming to find that, beneath all of that macho act, there's the loving family man.


Mantegna has been married for well over four decades to actress Arlene Vrhel, having tied the knot sometime in the mid-70s.


It is no mean feat considering the rate of messy divorce battles that seem to plague Hollywood constantly. Mantegna sure knows this as he is particularly never shy when it comes to showing affection for Arlene.

Theirs seems to be the sweetest love story as although their first encounter was in high school; they didn't become a couple until they met on the set of “Hair” in the late 60s. They have been together ever since and Mantegna never ceases to express how much he values their relationship.


He once said:

“Outside of my immediate family, she’s the only one that’s really taken the ride with me. She’s been able to be part of it all, and contribute toward it all, and do it all, and see my dreams come true, at least in terms of a career, and have children together.”

Heartfelt displays like this one are almost unexpected from someone widely known for his strong character especially in the famous crime series “Criminal Minds.”Since making an appearance in the third season as “David Rossi,” Mantegna has become a fan favorite as the series plays out to show the heartwarming side to his character.

It is one of his most recognized works since he made his acting debut in 1969.


He has come a very long way since then making him well-recognized and regarded to be of high status in the industry just by how many awards he has bagged so far.

Mantegna’s family is quite desirable and it includes his stunning wife Arlene and their two beautiful daughters, 31-year-old Mia and 28-year-old Gia. The Mantegna family exhibit a tight bond that many pray to have and it is this that perhaps keeps them going on strong despite major hurdles like their older daughter's Autism diagnosis.

Though seemingly impossible at first, the Mantegnas have become a model couple with Mia’s laudable growth into society. Now a makeup artist, she has grown to become a great advocate for many others like her.


Gia, on the other hand, has chosen to take after her parents going into the film industry. She made her acting debut in the 2003 film, "Uncle Nino."