How Salt-N-Pepa's Sandra Delton and Her Son Were Rescued from a Murderer

Oyin Balogun
Apr 18, 2019
11:57 A.M.
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In case you never knew, rapper Pepa has a memoir titled ‘Let’s Talk About Pep,’ which depicts many insights and experiences of her life and career. She also revealed the heroic acts of Gavin Wray, husband to her friend, Cheryl ‘Salt.’

In one part of the memoir, Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton relived a horrific experience she and her baby had with a murderer that could have cost them their lives, but for the intervention of Gavin Wray. Gavin put his life at risk at that moment and became a hero, saving the two troubled victims from the murderer.


Recalling the incident, Pepa said she saw Gavin at the park that day and stopped her car to greet him. Unknown to them, a runaway jailbreaker who killed ten people at a grocery store was nearby. As the two exchanged pleasantries, they came face to face with the murderer, and he tried to force himself into Pepa’s car, with her baby in it.

Sensing danger and fearing for her baby’s life, Pepa began to scream that she should get her baby out. Her plea and scream were to no avail as the big-bodied murderer knocked her to the ground and tried to make way with her car and her baby. 


Realizing that things were getting out of control, Gavin found a clever way to distract the assailant. He began to curse him and wound his pride until he got his attention. Soon enough the assailant went after Gavin, giving Pepa the chance to get back into the car. However, she realized Gavin’s life was now in danger as the assailant looked to kill him.

The unforgiving assailant also realized he had lost possession of the car and seemed confused. Gavin ran as fast as he could, and the murderer chased for a while. After realizing he would get caught if he somehow managed to kill a man in the open, he gave up the chase and headed for the other direction, leaving Gavin, Pepa, and her baby alive to tell the story.


This act by Gavin earned him more respect from Pepa, and she introduced him to her close friend, Cheryl Salt. Today, they remain happily married. Cheryl Salt and Pepa Denton were rappers and made up the rap duo Salt-N-Pepa. They are known for their hit song, ‘Let’s Talk about Sex.’

They were and are still a great influence on many famous rappers and upcoming female rappers. Pepa has two children, a son and a daughter from two different relationships.