Halle Berry Ditches Bra in Unbuttoned Shirt Photo

Oyin Balogun
Apr 18, 2019
02:43 A.M.
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Halle Berry remains an ageless beauty and continues to prove that age is nothing but a number. The talented and award-winning actress posted a picture on her Instagram page, in which she was braless, and it has managed to get more than one head drooling. 


Halle Berry is one woman who can fit perfectly with the word ageless. It seems she becomes more beautiful with age and if her recent picture on Instagram is anything to go by, she is also getting hotter and sexier.


The screen diva posed in the new image, wearing nothing but an unbuttoned denim shirt, looking all sexy, with some part of her cleavage showing. Remember she is 52, but this picture does make her look twenty. 

The actress captioned the picture thus: 

“Lookin’ for a late night snack.” 


Yes, it's easy to guess what she meant by "snack" as she didn’t appear to be in the kitchen or close to a fridge. The background setting of the picture showed some wine glasses and leather chairs. The image focused mainly on Halle’s fit abs and bare chest, also revealing her flawless skin, while she looked great in her loosely curled hair. 

Many male fans couldn’t help but fantasize over the beautiful Halle Berry, and they responded with some hilarious comments. Most comments attested to the fact that Halle was the "snack." One outrageously funny comment went thus: 

“Hello, Madame Berry my name is Snack Snackerson. I heard you were looking for me.” 


The image shows the long way the actress has gone in keeping up with her health and fitness. She is also using her Instagram page to share her health, and wellness tips with her well-followed #FitnessFriday a perfect example. One of the star’s fitness strategy is going by the keto diet, which helps her to manage her weight as well as checkmate her diabetes. She has lived with diabetes for most of her life and once admitted that the keto diet was tremendous and had helped her age slowly. 

Halle’s hard work is certainly paying off, and the actress keeps on waxing stronger as she makes an appearance in the eagerly anticipated John Wick 3, co-starring alongside Keanu Reeves. 

Halle Berry no doubt is the ‘Snack,’ and one can only wait for more delicious servings.