April 18, 2019

Trump Staff Mock Obama Portrait, Turn It into 'Spy' T-Shirts

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President Donald Trump has a campaign team whose best creative efforts towards promoting the president involves making a mockery of former president Barack Obama.

The "Official Team Trump" twitter page showcases messages from the president and tweets out support for Trump as the nation moves into the 2020 presidential run. 

The team also raises money for Trump's upcoming campaign by selling merchandise on a website. Last week, one shirt they're selling shocked and offended many. 

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump | Photo: Getty Images


The shirt was advertised in a video showing Barack holding a pair of binoculars and wearing headphones while hiding in a bush as he spies on Trump. The sound of a fly buzzing about is heard. 

The official picture that presumably inspired Trump's own is Kehinde Wiley's portrait of Barack sitting in front of green shrubs and flowers. It was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery on February 2018. 

President Donald Trump giving a speech at the White House | Photo: Getty Images


On Team Trump's shirt, shots of Barack acting as a spy behind the leaves are joined with two other photos, including one of Trump peering over as a man points at the bushes.

The caption read: 

"We can't let Democrats and their cronies in the Fake News cover up corruption in the SWAMP! We must FIGHT BACK and GET ANSWERS. Get your LIMITED EDITION "I Spy Trump" Tee and Tank NOW! Links below."

President Donald Trump giving a speech to supporter | Photo: Getty Images


The shirts are reportedly going for $28.00 on the website, but in the comment section, opinions were both good and bad. One person was curious as to whether the instructions saying to text "SPY" to a certain number was actually printed on as in the picture. 

Neither the president nor Barack have commented on the controversial t-shirts. Barack and Michelle have been voicing their opposition to the Trump administration since the elections in 2016. 


Sometimes, Trump has also lashed out at the former first couple. Back in November 2018, he addressed claims made in Michelle's memoir which had just been released. 

In the book, "Becoming," Michelle accused the president of endangering her family by promoting the "birther" conspiracy which undermined her husband's American citizenship. 


Michelle said it was something she would never forgive Trump for. The latter hit back by saying he also would "not forgive" Barack for depleting the US military by underfunding them, thus making the country "unsafe." 

Although Trump and the Obamas will likely never see eye to eye, this new promotional clothing certainly won't help them get along even as professionals despite their differences. Still, it's surely something that's not been witnessed before.