Prince William Reportedly Attends the Same Gym His Mother Princess Diana Did

Decades after his mother passed away, Prince William joined the gym she used to attend in her last years, and it brought back memories.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, travels the world regularly performing his royal duties and doing charity work, but when he's home, he is like every normal dad to the three children he has with his wife and Duchess, Kate Middleton.

The Prince is a 21st-century family man, who shares parental duties with his wife, like dropping off their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at their different schools.

The young Prince is a first-year student at Thomas Battersea, a co-ed school. The school is reportedly close to the gym — The Chelsea Harbor Club — that his grandmother, Princess Diana, used to attend before she died.

According to "Vanity Fair," Prince William equally goes to the same gym. The Royal after dropping his son off at school goes to the club with other parents for his workout.

Back in the ‘90s, the peoples' Princess — Diana, regularly used the gym and was photographed several times in the area. It also served as a place of escape when her marriage to Prince Charles ended.

According to "Daily Mail" the 36-year-old joined the club two years ago, and it brought back the memory of the cookies his mother used to bring back every time she went for workouts. 

He hoped to find them still selling it, but the chefs had no idea of what the Duke was talking about, and although he didn't ask them to, they promised to find the recipe and make him some.

It wasn't all fond memories though; the father-of-three equally remembered paparazzi chasing his mother on her way to the club. In a "BBC Documentary" in 2017, the Duke remembered being in the car with his brother, Prince Harry, and Diana coming down to tell the men with cameras to leave them alone.

This is one of the things that influenced the brothers to attempt keeping their family as private as they can. Prince William and Middleton value privacy, and to celebrate the Easter Holiday, they chose to do it away from their busy and crowded life at Kensington Palace.

The couple took their children to their country home — Anmer Hall, Norfolk. Upon their return, the older children will return to school. The Princess will finish her last term at Willcocks Nursery, and at the beginning of the new school year, the soon-to-be 4-year-old will join her brother at Battersea.

The last child of the family, Prince Louis, is not yet of school age, but he is turning one in a few days, and his birthday clashes with the day his older siblings return to school.

The Royals might postpone the celebrations to a later date or have it earlier. Whichever they choose, it will be done together as a family.

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