Roy Rogers' Iconic Song 'Happy Trails' Story Revealed

Comfort Omovre
Apr 23, 2019
08:17 A.M.
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Roy Rogers remains a widely acknowledged icon in the country music industry. His signature song, “Happy Trails” was particularly a fan favorite and it has a unique story to it.


Roy Rogers, even long after his demise, is still regarded as one of the most exceptional talents ever discovered in the music industry. He and his wife, Dale Evans unarguably made just the perfect singing team.


While they weren't the first couple to team up, their sheer talents went a long way to put them among the highly regarded in entertainment. In 1951, they started “The Roy Rogers Show” which enjoyed massive extensive airplay and became a favorite of the locals.

The show had a theme song, “Happy Trails,” which eventually became one of the best songs ever performed by the duo. In fact, for the six years the show ran, it almost looked like “Happy Trails’ was the highlight of the show!


Only a few, however, knew the tale behind the song. It was written by Dale Evans-Roger when it occurred to her that her husband badly needed a theme song for the show.

According to reports, the prolific songwriter was inspired by Roy’s autograph where he usually wrote “Trails of Happiness” or “Happy Trails, Roy Rogers.” It barely took an hour for her to pen the song as Roy and his bandmates were set to perform it live the very next hour!


She only had the luxury of writing it on an envelope and quickly taught the Roy and his band the song with only forty minutes to spare. That became the very first time Roy, and The Sons of the Pioneers sang “Happy Trails To You," and it soon became Roy Rogers’ distinctive song.

Dale Evan's songwriting talent was of great acclaim, but her hurried “Happy Trails” writing is indeed laudable given how famous the song became. She made the perfect fit for Rogers. Before their first encounter, the part had enjoyed successful careers individually.


Their first meeting was in 1944 when the duo co-starred in “The Cowboy and the Senorita.” They were only colleagues as they were both married at the time, but tragic events would end up bringing them together.

Roy lost his wife just a year after Dale divorced her second husband and the two tied the knot in 1947 even going on to co-star in many more movies. Although long gone, the duo remains legends when it comes to country music.