Khloé Kardashian Rides an Inflatable Unicorn with Her Little Daughter

Fresh from the celebration of her daughter's one-year birthday, Khloe Kardashian is enjoying spending time with her little tot. The proud mom posted a picture of them enjoying a ride on an inflatable unicorn which has generated much admiration and a little condemnation.

The famous reality star and her daughter, True spent the holiday together and had so much fun with each other. Khloe then posted a picture of herself and True on a pink inflatable unicorn, and they looked astonishingly cute.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star wore a sexy pink bikini that revealed her cleavage, abs and flat stomach. The bikini also showed the star’s curves and lean legs. She also wore sunshades, protecting herself from the hot California sun. Little True was also dressed in a pink bathing suit and looked busy with her toys.

The picture received much love and admiration from its viewers, but one commenter wasn’t so blown away by it.

The commenter questioned Khloe for blurring out the background setting of the picture, saying there was no point in taking a beautiful picture with a great background if it would end up being blurred out. Khloe, however, replied the commenter, telling him that she blurred out the background to protect her and True’s privacy and that she still knew how beautiful the place is.

She also ended her reply by kindly wishing the commenter “Happy Saturday boo.”  Other fans were in support of the star with one fan unable to understand why people could be so cruel with their comments on social media and urging such people to get a life.

This is not the first time Khloe is receiving negative comments from some set of fans over her making edits to her posted pictures. She previously had to turn off her comments on Instagram after some commenters criticized her for over-editing her photographs.

The commenters were then reacting to the star’s picture of her climbing a staircase, wearing a sparkling suit. They said she manipulated her body figure in the photo and said she looked like she had a “bobblehead” and that her butt and head looked way bigger than normal.

Khloe was not the only Kardashian who enjoyed the Easter Holidays. She joined her sisters to attend Kim’s husband, Kanye West’s Easter Service at Coachella. The Kardashian’s shared varying images on Instagram of themselves enjoying the holidays, with Kim and her daughter, North stealing the show with their matching outfits.

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