Hoda Kotb Once Gave a Brilliant Answer about Marriage with Her Long Time Boyfriend

Hoda Kotb and her boyfriend Joel Schiffman “might Goldie and Kurt it” as they tackle life, love, and parenting together.

Joel and Hoda met at a Wall Street event in 2013 and kept their budding romance private until they went public with their relationship in 2015.

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Currently studying law, Joel is a financier by trade and moved in with Hoda in October 2016. At that point, Hoda had thought about having children “for a long, long time,” as she told Ellen DeGeneres on her show in January last year.

The Today host had reached a stage where she could no longer “push down” her need for a child and decided to talk to Joel about it. “I’m going to have to talk to you about something because I can’t push it down anymore,’” Hoda explained.

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“I said, ‘Don’t answer now. Take a day, take a week, take some time. But I want to talk to you about this.’ And he said, ‘Okay, what is it?’ And I said, ‘I would like to explore adoption with you,’ “ she elaborated.

His answer, as she told Ellen is how she knew he is the right man for her. Joel looked at her and said, “I don’t need a day.” Hoda then went ahead and adopted Haley Joy in February 2017.

Not in any rush to get married, Hoda and Joel are happy with their relationship status as it is. “I feel like everything’s great,” she said to Ellen. “Yeah, I think we’re good this way.”

Last year while speaking with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, the subject of wedding bells came up again. “I love Joel. I mean, I’m going to be with Joel until my last breath — I know that,” she gushed about her 61-year-old partner.

As the couple will celebrate their 6th anniversary in June this year, Andy Cohen asked her, “So you might Goldie and Kurt it?” In reference to Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn who spent the last 35 years happily unmarried.

“Yeah, I think we might,” Hoda smilingly answered and added, “I kind of like their vibe, don’t you think?”

During an interview with ET’s Keltie Knight, Hoda elaborated on Joel as a partner. “I met the right man at the right time in my life, and Joel is the perfect fit for me,” she told Keltie. “The fact that I found the man I've dreamt of and the life I've dreamt of at this stage in my life should let other women know sometimes if you wait, it comes later."

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Joel had always been supportive of her and her projects, and she recalled a sweet moment that occurred on the day of the launch of her children’s book titled, I’ve Loved You Since Forever. He merely sent her a text which read, “Today's the big book launch day. And, oh, by the way… I've loved you since forever.”

However, things have gone so well since then that the couple decided to give Haley Joy a sibling. On April 16, Hoda surprised everyone with a call-in to her Today show family and announced that she had just adopted another baby girl.

Officially a family of four, Hoda exclaimed through audible tears of joy, “It’s a girl! And her name is Hope!”

Little Hope arrived just in time for Easter, and Hoda proudly shared the first pictures of her newborn baby and them as a family. Congratulations on the precious gift Hoda!

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