Adam Levine Gets Major Backlash for a Comment He Made about Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'

Bettina Dizon
Apr 24, 2019
11:19 P.M.
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“The Voice” coach, Adam Levine, crossed the line after making a rude comment about Blake Shelton during the “Live Cross Battles” episode, which fans had fans negatively reacting.


There are some things on “The Voice” that has become a norm among the judges, such as the minor bickering of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, going on practically every week of the show, but Levine may have taken it too far this time, even disappointing some fans.

During the show’s “Live Cross Battles” second round, “The Bundys,” a trio sibling group, went against aspiring singer and contestant, Andrew Sevener. As per usual, host Carson Daly asked the judges for their thoughts and comments, and Shelton praised Sevener for “burning the place down with his voice.”



Usually, that would be the part where the banter would start. Hence, Levine began with the “weird analogy” Shelton gave about Sevener “looking for some change on stage,” in which the “God’s Country” singer rebutted:

“I’m sorry, with that haircut, I’m not accepting any weird assessments from you today,” referring to Levine’s mohawk.


After the “Maroon 5” lead vocalist defended his hairdo, he followed up with a savage statement said to the performers on stage, but directed at Shelton. 

“Hey guys, Sorry. I just hate him, that’s all,” said Lavine.

The usual chuckles and cheers that swarm the studio replaced with awkward silence from the audience. In any sense, the comeback didn’t market anyone, and instead, attracted backlash from social media users.

One Twitter user shared her sentiments in a post that read:

“Adam is being just plain mean right now. It’s not funny and is just awkward, as you could tell by the silence of the crowd and the faces of the contestants on stage.”



“Adam is behaving so immaturely- could he please stop saying “I hate you” to Blake? The Voice airing on NBC,” read another Tweet.


Meanwhile, others agreed that the once funny squabble is no longer a laughing matter, but a rude behavior, while calling out Levine to stop.


Shelton once shared to "The Tennessean" that his relationship with Levine can be somewhat extensive to the point of legitimate arguments, as the two know exactly what buttons to push to piss each other off, but agree to never end the day in bad terms given that their level of friendship has reached its highest.

Towards the end of the special episode, Levine took Shelton’s side in his positive comment for singer, Karly Moreno, but with the inclusion of a snide remark.

Fellow judge, Kelly Clarkson, also had her fun poking around at Shelton when she sneaked into his trailer during season 15. The singer went to open Shelton’s cabinet of alcohol and joked, “do you need more alcohol bro?” posting the video on Twitter.


Before the second episode of the show, fans of “The Voice” already expressed their dislike for the introduction of the “Cross Battle” round, which they found to be the worst episode they have seen.