Distinguished Young Woman Asks Priest for an Unusual Favor on a Flight

Comfort Omovre
Apr 28, 2019
10:15 A.M.
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A distinguished woman sat beside a priest during a flight and took the opportunity to ask for a somewhat unusual favor. The priest’s brutal honesty proved to be enough to fulfill the woman’s wish.


A well respectable woman on a flight from Ireland found herself in the company of a Priest during the trip. The two talked a lot about many issues and seemed to have a swell time throughout the trip. As they prepared to land however, the woman asked the priest for quite an unexpected favor.

A Priest | Photo: Getty Images

A Priest | Photo: Getty Images


The woman revealed to the Priest that she was carrying an expensive woman’s electronic hair dryer which she had purchased for her mom. According to her, the product was beyond the Customs limit and would be confiscated at the Customs checkpoint.

She, therefore, pleaded with the Priest to help her carry it through the checkpoint, by probably hiding it under his robe. The Priest told her that he would be pleased to help her, but warned her that he would not lie when questioned by the officials. The woman then remarked that the Priest had an honest face, and hence would not be drilled by the Officials.

Woman on a flight | Photo: Getty Images

Woman on a flight | Photo: Getty Images


When their flight landed, they made their way to the Customs checkpoint and joined the queue. The woman queued behind the Priest. When it got to his turn, the officer-in-charge asked the Priest if he had anything to declare.

The Priest replied that he had nothing to declare from the top of his head down to his waist. The officer wass somewhat baffled by the Priest’s reply and then asked him what he had to declare from his waist down to the floor.

The sincere priest then replied that he had a marvelous instrument which was made to be used on a woman, but has been left unused to that day. The officer couldn’t help but roar with loud laughter at the Priest’s reply. He quickly asked the Priest to go ahead and beckoned on the next person on the queue.

People at the boarding gate of an airport | Photo: Getty Images

People at the boarding gate of an airport | Photo: Getty Images

Well, the Priest certainly didn’t lie but told the truth about what he had to declare. Smart Priest, wouldn’t you say? Laughs. If you enjoyed that joke a whole lot, you could get more laughs here.

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