Shemar Moore to Honor Late ‘Brother’ Kristoff St John on a Special Episode of ‘The Talk’

“The Talk’s” Friday episode will be a tribute to “The Young and the Restless” star, Kristoff St. John who passed away earlier this year. His co-stars will host the show, including Shemar Moore who was always a brother to him.

“The Talk” recently announced that their Friday episode would be a tribute to the late Kristoff St. John, who passed away on February 3, after playing Neil Winters on “The Young and the Restless” for about 19 years.

According to the official Facebook page of “The Talk,” St. John’s co-stars, Christel Khalil, Shemar Moore, Victoria Rowell, and Bryton James, will be hosting the show, or at least a part of it, after the airing of “The Young and the Restless” episode where they lay Winters to rest after suffering a stroke.

Fans of the show replied to the post, extending their condolences to St. Johns family and colleagues, and praising the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor for portraying his character will throughout the series.

Next weeks “The Young and the Restless” episodes were filmed to show the celebration of St. John’s life, honoring him while mourning the loss of their friend and co-worker, Winters and St. John. Additionally, the show will be airing an unscripted episode paying homage to the legacy he has left.

St. John died on the day of the Super Bowl in February from hypertrophic heart disease, which was contributed by his signs of alcohol abuse. However, his death was categorized as an accident. He was laid to rest on March 4, beside his son, at the Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, California.

After his passing, St. John’s estate was put under jurisdiction as the soap star’s father and daughter filed opposing documents, one handwritten one his father deems valid, while his daughter claims it was never meant to be seen.

The handwritten will noted his money to be divided between Lola and Paris, his daughters, with a 75:25 ratio. However, Paris disagreed and refuted that the will “was written inside a private diary and was not intended to be seen by third parties.”

St. John’s father followed up with additional evidence showing a text message his son sent to his then-girlfriend, which read:

“I’ve been up all night. I drafted a handwritten [sic] will, just in case. Leaving Lola and Paris my savings. I’ve also left you something. In my nightstand, top drawer in the notebook, I left two checks. I made them out to you. You are to deposit these checks accordingly. Just in case.”

The judge concluded both having equal powers to the property, thus having to agree as to what to do with the proceeds of any belongings, should they choose to sell them. 

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