April 25, 2019

This Giant Potato Is Rented Out and Anyone Can Spend the Night Inside

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Very often people use the expression: “you are what you eat,” but how exhilarating is the realization that you can dwell in an enormously carved potato for just $200! Yea, right!

Notable for its size, the potato-shaped hotel seats on 400 acres of land. Although it looks like a large potato, its artistic designs exemplify the sheer beauty and warmth of a real home.


In the course of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Idaho commission, the exquisitely decorated vegetable was presented to the public. It is graciously cemented and enjoys the setting of a perfect holiday inn!

The mini-room has an array of wonders to it. First, its visitors are welcomed in soft cushion chairs. It's never too hot or too cold, as the temperature is regulated owing to the presence of both a fireplace and an air condition.


What's more? Well, there's a bath and a toilet, furnished with a detailed sink, with white colored towels to dry. However there's no place to cook, but there sure is a warm fiber-filled bed to retire to comfortably.

The 28-foot-structure charges about $200 for one night, other tag-along bills include service fees, and occupancy taxes and charges, which is a sum of $47. Even if there's no in-house menu, the location of this hotel provides its occupants the luxury of walking a short distance to get a meal.

According to the reports, the six-ton sized potato had been on the road: farmland south of Boise for half a dozen years, until a homemaker, Kristie  Wolfe revamped it into a hotel that garnered recognition.



"Airbnb" put up the Idaho potato hotel on their website to obtain bookings, and it appeared that in a blink of an eye, the month of April and May had received quite several reservations.

The hotel sure procures a conservative character, with minute decorations, there is also the absence of television, and a free internet connection,.

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Everyone does love a feel of home, whether it's a resort center, a building, or a magnanimous potato!