April 26, 2019

Remember Niecy in 'Moesha'? Her Fiancé Left Her While She Was Pregnant for His Boss, Britney Spears

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Actress Shar Jackson, better known for her role as Niecy in “Moesha,” was once engaged to Kevin Federline, the infamous ex-husband of the pop princess, Britney Spears. However, many people don’t know that Federline betrayed Jackson and left her while she was pregnant with their kid.

Jackson is the proud mom of Kori Madison and Kaleb Michael, whom she shares with actor, dancer, reality star and DJ, Kevin Federline, who first rose to fame for his relationship with Britney Spears.


Although these days the former couple has a good relationship, back in 2003 they were at war for each other.

Shar and Kevin dated for three years and were engaged. By the time he decided to leave her, she was in the last stage of her pregnancy with their second child, Kaleb.

Kevin’s very public relationship and sudden marriage to Spears ridiculed Shar, and the situation sparked a lot of interest on the media, as people started to call Federline a gold digger that was only trying to piggyback off Spears’ fame and money.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrive at the 2006 Grammy Nominees party with Kanye West, | Photo: GettyImages


Back then, Jackson talked about her ex-fiancé's affair saying that "it wasn't like just breaking up a relationship. It was like breaking up a family."

Federline and Spears had two sons, Jayden and Sean, and they eventually divorced in 2007. A year later, he married former volleyball player Victoria Prince, and they welcomed their first child together in 2011.


Jackson was contacted by People that year to know her opinion about Kevin expecting another child with yet another woman.

“Honestly, I wish them the best, without question,” she said. “It’s just not part of my life- I’ve got my own family to worry about, I can’t really be worried about what’s going on with anybody else. Good for them, and of course I wish them well.”


However, it was in 2010, when both Kevin and Shar appeared on the reality show “Celebrity Fit Club,” that Jackson finally received an apology from her ex.

He said:

“I know I've caused you a lot of pain. I've been really selfish.  I guess I got so wrapped up in all this other s*** that I never really got a chance to sit back and apologize to you. I really do want you to know that I am sorry.”


"!t felt like the whole relationship was not real by the way you handled it ending - and that killed me,” a tearful Shar replied. “That wasn't it. At all,” Kevin insisted. “I think I got caught up in my own selfishness. When you're in a moment like that you don't really think about anyone else.”

The pair ended the discussion with a hug, giving the reality TV producers the entire storyline of love and redemption.

Now, each is focused on their families, but because they share kids, Jackson, Federline and even Spears, will be into each other’s lives for a while.