Michelle Obama Shares ‘One of the Best Texts’ She’s Ever Received from Her Big Brother

The former first lady, Michelle Obama, posted a personal message, proving why it's so important to share our stories and experiences with each other.

Michelle Obama released her memoir "Becoming" in November 2018. The book has received critical acclaim on its way to selling 10 million copies. 

However, Michelle took to social media to share praise for her work which meant more to her than book sales and reviews from critics.

Her brother Craig Robinson was clearly touched by his sister's book, and she was so taken aback by text her brother shared with her, that she simply had to say something:

"I’m traveling in Europe right now for my #IAmBecoming tour, and my brother just sent me one of the best texts I’ve ever received. My father gave us absolutely everything. The laughs and lessons, the hugs, the heartache from losing him—they’re all still there with me, every minute."

She added that they each had their own perspectives, emotions, and journeys in the years since, but she still carries "the laughs and lesson" with her.

She explained that it's so important to share our stories with each other — "not just to remember, but to connect. Even an ocean away."

Her brother, a former college basketball coach appreciated the chance the book gave him to reconnect with memories from their youth. He wrote: 

"As I sit listening to the words of your book for the third time albeit this time by audiobook, it occurred to me that I haven't thanked you for all your memories." 

Their father Frasier Robinson III passed away from multiple sclerosis in 1991, and the tragic experience was a foundational one for the family. He added:

"Since I'm the one who is supposed to remember everything, I realized I have blocked out everything regarding dad's death. I was here crying and laughing at the sadness of the story and the comfort of your voice. All I can think of is how much I love my little sister."

This was the second time in a matter of days that Obama had sent a tribute to her brother, having spoken of her brother as still one of her best friends in an Instagram post on National Siblings Day.

Interestingly, one thing both Michelle and her brother agree on is that Craig was their mother’s favorite. 

Growing up, Craig was fiercely protective of women destined to be the First lady, and the future president had to make sure he got her brother’s seal of approval.

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