Shemar Moore Was Bullied Because of His Skin Color and Kids Chased Him after School

Comfort Omovre
May 04, 2019
06:10 A.M.
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In an interview session that took place a while ago, popular actor and fashion model, Shemar Moore, discussed some of the hardships that he went through due to his skin color and further revealed that he was even bullied at some point.


Shemar Moore, who is best known for his role as “Derek Morgan” in the CBS’s “Criminal Minds,” might seem like someone with a trouble-free life on the outside, but the reality is that the 49-year-old has encountered various problems before he encountered stardom and even after that.


During an intense discussion, Shemar revealed some of the issues he encountered while growing up and some of the questionable decisions he had made over the years.

One issue that is as eye-catching as his amazing physical appearance was the bullying problem he faced as a youngster!

The “The Young and Restless” star disclosed that he grew up outside the United States and further disclosed that he faced a problematic transition when his family moved back to the States.


The TV star said:

“…I was six, and I remember how different everyone made me feel when I was in school. Why does your hair look like that?”

According to reports, his school mates also asked him about his “skin color,” why his mother had a different complexion and so on.

The biracial actor also explained that in self-defense, he would pick up stones and hurl it at the kids that chased him after school. He joked that he found out that he was good at baseball due to his stone-throwing adventures.

The media personality always finds a way to look for the silver lining in every stormy situation. He recently lost his two British bull-dogs of 12 years, Moe and Shuggie, but he was able to move forward due to the uplifting support he received from his fans and loved ones.


Apart from being able to swallow the toughest pills, a source revealed that there’s way more to Shemar that meets the eye.

According to the information source, there are some interesting facts about Shemar Moore that the public should never forget; like the fact that he loves his mom so dearly or that he has starred in tons of films and television shows.

Despite his troubles off camera, Shemar has been able to manage his fascinating career over the years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. His strength and his energy undoubtedly stand as a motivation to his fans and the upcoming generation of entertainers!