'He’s One of My Mentors,' Malcolm Jamal Warner Once Commented on Bill Cosby's past Abuse Allegations

Malcolm Jamal Warner opened up about his "screen dad" and mentor Bill Cosby's conviction for sexual assault.

Thirty years ago, the world was in love with the Huxtable family: The mischievous and spirited children and their loving parents played by legendary comedian Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad in the hit sitcom "The Cosby Show."

Malcolm Jamal Warner was a distinct favorite as the lazy but good-natured Theo, and he became close to the now disgraced Bill Cosby, whom he considered a mentor.


Even though he has become a successful adult actor, and was nominated for a Grammy-nomination for his musical work, Warner is constantly asked about Cosby and his relationship with the disgraced comedian.

Cosby was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and is now serving a 3 to 10-year-sentence in a state penitentiary.

Cosby, who denies any wrongdoing, has since filed an appeal in which he accuses the judge of racial discrimination.


Like so many of us, Warner has trouble reconciling the man he knew as a friend and a mentor, with the man who has been accused of sexual abuse by over 60 women:

“He’s one of my mentors, and he’s been very influential and played a big role in my life as a friend and mentor. Just as it’s painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not, it’s just as painful to watch my friend and mentor go through this,” Warner said.


Cosby, who denies any wrongdoing, has since filed an appeal in which he accuses the judge of racial discrimination. The comedian,81, has likened his imprisonment to that endured by Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr.


Warner, who married in November 2018 and has an 18-year-old daughter, has refused to identify his wife and child to protect them from the glare of publicity.

“I can’t really speak on any of the allegations because obviously, I was not there. The Bill Cosby I know has been great to me and great for a lot of people. What he’s done for comedy and television has been legendary and history-making. What he’s done for the black community and education has been invaluable. That’s the Bill Cosby I know. I can’t speak on the other stuff,” he said.

Warner's fellow costar from "The Cosby Show" Keshia Knight Pulliam was supportive of her screen father, even appearing at his side at his sentencing.

Bill Cosby's wife and children have yet to visit the disgraced comedian in prison.


Malcolm Jamal Warner suffered a brutal blow with the death of actress Michelle Thomas in 1998.

Michelle had played the role of Justine, Theo Huxtable's girlfriend on the 90s hit comedy "The Cosby Show."

Real life followed fiction, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Theo, became Michelle's boyfriend in real life - a relationship that was to last 5 years.

At 30, Michelle succumbed to stomach cancer and spent her last day with her family and Warner. 

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