Woman’s Boss Harassed Her Until She was Forced to Quit Her Job

Apr 28, 2019
12:24 P.M.

Anybody who has ever been employed will know that bosses sometimes misuse their power. However, this can sometimes escalate to an unbearable level.


An American woman faced this dilemma several years ago when she was working at a 24-hour call center. She had the unfortunate luck of always being shifted at night.

The department that works from 9 am to 5 pm had a vacancy, which the woman immediately applied to. She soon grew to regret this.





The woman’s manager turned out to be someone who thrives on emotionally exhausting others. Her boss enjoyed hearing stories of her negative experiences and creating a constant environment of drama in the office.

The woman refused to participate, and her manager responded to this by punishing her. This mainly took the form of initiating a movement to get her to leave her job.




Her boss gave her a poor performance review and incorrectly marked her as absent from work when she was present.


The woman refused to accept her boss’ unprofessional behavior and decided to seek revenge. She printed the inappropriate emails she received from her manager and took pictures of her desk to prove she was present at the office.




She also reported the series of events to HR who investigated the matter. It later came to light that she had displayed the same behavior with several employees.





Harassment can often lead to unemployment for the perpetrator and quite rightly so. One woman found this out after an incident in her neighborhood.

Susan Westwood, a middle-aged white woman, harassed two black women while they were waiting for AAA to repair their vehicle. Susan’s racist comments not only got her fired from her job but also evicted from her apartment.



There are many ways to deal with harassment in the workplace. An effective way of doing so is reporting the incident to the company’s HR department in writing as well as seeking legal protection if necessary.

Thankfully many companies have implemented zero-tolerance policies towards all forms of harassment. These policies protect both the company and the victims.

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