Prince William Chats with a 5-Year-Old Survivor of the Christchurch Massacre (Video)

Comfort Omovre
May 07, 2019
02:30 A.M.
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Prince William represented the crown in a recent two-day trip to New Zealand, and he got acquainted with a little girl, Alen Alsati; a victim of the brutal terrorist attack that plagued the country a few months earlier.  


The details of their meeting were presented in an online post on Twitter via the Kensington Palace account.


The comment section was filled with kind words that reached out to the little girl and the families that were affected.

Following the trajectory witnessed by the citizens of New Zealand which recorded several fatalities, five-year-old Alsen happens to be recuperating in the Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland, after she incurred severe wounds.

 The visit did create sensitization for little Alsen, as a recent development showed that Alsen was healing fast. A page had been set up to aid the family, and the donations top well over $50,000. 


The condemnable act perpetrated by the terror group on the Christchurch’s mosques claimed the lives of about 50 people. The family of the young chap was thus grateful that their daughter survived the brutality even if she just came out of a coma, and experienced an ordeal in gaining her sense of speech, sight, and memory.

Prince William wasted no time in extending his warmth and affection towards her after he visited her at the Children’s hospital. They both chitchatted and this somewhat reflected the Prince’s fondness for children, as Alsen inquired if he had a daughter.


The crown had been invited by the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern who stated that it was a way to comfort, support and pay tribute to the victims of the attack, as well as to acknowledge the local and national community.

First, the Prince’s visit was welcomed by tight security to keep him safe, and a nose-pat from his host, PM Ardern, showing that the whole country recognized his presence.


William commended the team of medics and officials who helped the people in their time of medical need and support. He also met with the community leaders in Christchurch to show his gratitude for their contributory efforts in bringing the community together.

The hospital was not the only place he visited while he was on his tour and attended a civic service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum where he left a note in honor of those who had lost their lives.

He also preached a love message at the Al Noor mosque. In his words:

“Forces of love will always prevail. No doubt that this is what the terrorist hoped for but New Zealand had other plans, the people o Al Noor mosque and Linwood mosque had to bother plans.”


He went on to chastise the act of the terrorists and even commented on previous terror attacks around the world. With the recent attacks in the United States of America, Europe, and Sri Lanka, his chanted that “extremism in all forms must be defeated.”

The Prince has shown that he is not only skilled at handling official matters, but he also knows his onions when it comes to daddy duties; which was portrayed in the way he related with little Alsen!