Jenna Johnson Wears Her Wedding Dress to Feed Val Chmerkovskiy in New Photos

25-year-old Jenna Johnson, after exchanging her wedding vows with 33-year-old Val Chmerkovskiy enjoyed a swell time with him at St. Lucia, where they honeymooned. It looks like a fairytale in the new adorable shots that surfaced online.

Jenna and Val had their wedding ceremony in California three weeks ago, but the duo intends to stop at nothing to show off their intimacy in the new images that featured both lovers clad in tremendous looking outfits.

The lovers appeared to have enjoyed their wedding celebration so well that they thought to revisit the experience by posing in their outstanding apparels, in a fashion photo shoot by Susan Stripling Photography, at the Pierre Hotel.

The couple's vows were said at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes back in April, and they have been showing just how glued they are to each other in their new pictures, which will feature in the pages of "Sophisticated Magazine."

On the Instagram page of "Sophisticated Weddings," premiered some eye-catching pictures of the dancers as they shared tender moments!

The first shows Jenna in a white sleeveless dress, which possessed quite an amount of elegant embroidery at the side, being held  by her man who was in an all-black tuxedo. The attention to detail is credible, as the two of them stood in a black and white coloured ambience, at the side of an old modelled vehicle.

Another photo revealed them peering into each other's eyes, as their love-look gaze brought them closer than their embrace! The last slide showed Jenna feeding her newly-wed husband on the bed, while wearing her wedding gown and the duo looked gorgeous together.

This is not the first time the pair will be sharing moments of their spellbinding love in photos on social media. In the course of their honeymoon, they graced their fans with posts that could bring happy tears. They showed off all the fun-filled time spent together, from mud baths to candlelit dinners, and also places visited in the city.

They had stood the test of time, from when they partnered on the 2011 ABC competition series of "So You Think You Can Dance." Four years later and they both seemed inseparable.

Irrespective of how their affair was, they hit rock bottom few months into their relationship, and Val rebounded with Amber Rose in 2016. Fortunately, he found his way back to where his heart truly wants to be.

According to reports, he said he was drawn to Jenna after he realised she was a family person, who spent time relating with her nieces and nephews. He also explained that he was grateful for having her in his life.

She, on the other hand, stated that she could not resist her knight in shiny armour, as she had gotten so used to him; they spent several hours as co-dancers. After their engagement in June 2018, she said she had always wanted to live all her life with him.

Recently, Val updated his Instagram page with body flaunting pictures of himself and Jenna, and he captioned it in the unique and best possible way! He wrote:

"I have really no idea what I would do without you. Thank you for being by my side through all my stresses. You strengthen me when I am weak when I am headed south, I  not only love, adore you... I appreciate you. You take an average man and let him dream beyond his potential."

They sure portray a special kind of bond, whether it is on the stage or in private, but one thing is sure, they carry along their fans every step of the way!