Trump Should Follow These Rules during a State Visit to the Queen

Everyone has to follow certain protocols when it comes to meeting with the Queen of England and Donald Trump, the President of the United States is no exception. 

Trump is set to visit the United Kingdom in June for a state visit and, hopefully, he won’t break the royal protocols like he did the first time. 

Recently, the White House incorrectly addressed Queen Elizabeth as “Her Royal Majesty” which sparked outrage and mockery on social media. Here is a guide to what the President needs to know during his next meeting with the Queen. 


Although there are no obligatory codes of behavior while meeting the Queen or a member of the royal family, people follow traditional protocols out of respect.

While men bow their neck from the head, women do a small curtsy upon seeing the Queen. 


Trump’s infamous “arm wrestle” handshake is unacceptable when it comes to greeting the monarch. According to the royal website, people prefer to shake hands in the “usual way” with the Royals.

We hope the President will spare the Queen of an awfully long handshake as he did with the French President Emmanuel Macron back in 2017!


Contrary to what the White House believes, “Your Royal Majesty” is not the correct way to address Queen Elizabeth. 

The correct way to address the royal is “Your Majesty” and a subsequent “Ma’am”, pronounced with a short “a” as in “jam”.


It is a generally accepted custom that the queen is not to be touched casually. Unless Trump is shaking hands with her, he is better off not touching the Queen although the royal protocol does not forbid it. 


Trump is unlikely to click selfies with the monarch during his visit, but it is a good thing to always play by the rules. 

The last time Trump visited the Queen, he sparked outrage among the royal watchers as he broke the traditional rules. He did not address the Queen with a bow upon meeting her and she struggled to catch up to him as he would not walk beside her. 

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