Christopher Reeve’s Handsome Son Is All Grown up and Looks Just like His Late Dad

The “Superman” star’s youngest child, who was a minor when his father passed away in 2004, is already a grown man who not only keeps his father’s legacy alive in many ways but also looks very much like him.

William Reeve is the only child of the celebrity couple formed by actors Christopher and Dana Reeves, who were married for 12 years until Christopher’s passing, and his life was shaped by his father’s influence.

William was only 12 when Christopher died, and by the time he was 13 he had also lost his mother Dana. William has two older half-siblings, the product of Christopher’s previous relationship to Gae Exton, named Matthew and Alexandra.


While all three children of the “Superman” star have been in some way related to the film industry, William is not just the only one who pursued acting, but also the one who resembles his handsome father the most.

William made his TV movie debut in 1997. He then appeared on “The Brooke Ellison Story,” directed by his father, in 2004, and worked as a voice actor on 2006’s animated feature “Everyone’s Hero” also co-directed by his father.


The son of the late iconic star put his acting career to rest since then, focusing on his education and turning to the sports news industry, something that also makes him feel closer to his father. William told People in 2015 when he earned a spot on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

“We shared a very deep bond in general, but sports was definitely a major component of our family bond. If it involved a ball or a stick or a racket or a bat or a puck, we were either watching it or playing it or talking about it together."


Christopher was taking part in an equestrian competition in 1995 when he fell from his horse and got badly injured, which left him unable to move from the neck down for the rest of his life.

But instead of letting his acquired disability bring him down, Christopher turned to directing and advocacy, founding the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and the Reeve-Irvine Research Center to help spinal cord injury survivors.

Nowadays, William serves as an ambassador for his parents’ foundation, to keep raising awareness on the issues that they were devoted to fixing.

In 2017, William and his half-siblings attended the foundation’s annual fundraising gala, where they posed together for a red carpet picture.


The late actor was a newcomer when he landed the role that he is mostly remembered for, Superman. Christopher portrayed the character in four feature films from 1978 to 1987.

Other remarkable acting appearances of Christopher were “Somewhere in Time” (1980), “The Bostonians”(1984), and “The Remains of the Day,” which earned him the praise of the critics. 

Christopher Reeve on January 25, 2004 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Christopher Reeve on January 25, 2004 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Christopher also worked behind the camera as a director on three occasions, and wrote the 2003 episode of legal-themed series “The Practice” titled “Burnout.” He had previously helped to develop the story for “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.”

The actor spent his last nine years as a quadriplegic because of his spinal cord injury, but he went on to portrayed wheelchair-using characters on several TV movies, apart from doing some voice work.

In 2003-2004, he appeared in the series “Smallville,” which focuses on the younger years of the character of Superman/ Clark Kent. He played brilliant and wealthy scientist Dr. Virgil Swann, before dying from complications of an infection.