'Archie' Comes under Fire as a Royal Baby Name as It Is a Popular Moniker for People's Pets

Junie Sihlangu
May 09, 2019
11:55 A.M.
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On Monday, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry welcomed a baby boy who happens to be their first child. Two days later, they revealed that he was named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


People on social media shared their varying opinions about the child’s first name with some mocking it as a name for a pet.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor won’t have a Royal title but will, instead, be known as Master Archie unless his great-grandmother, the Queen, bestows one upon him. Some fans have shared their love for the child’s names noting how the name Harrison was a tribute to Prince Harry.


The baby's middle name means “son of Harry” or “Harry's son.” However, the boy’s first name was teased by others who revealed that it was a popular name for dogs.

A Twitter user named David Chalmers joked

“#Archie doesn't seem too bothered that Harry and Meghan have given their baby his name. It fits someone with a regal air, who is a bit of a rascal who loves everybody and everything,' and posted a snap of their gorgeous hound.”


Someone called Paul Blizzard noted with a picture of his dog: “I'm pleased to announce that Meghan and Harry have honoured us by naming their child after our dog, Archie.” A Twitter user named Tom also shared his outlook on the child’s names.

He wrote

“Our dog is literally called Archie Harrison. That’s what they call out at the vet. Surely this is enough to fill a few minutes of royal baby tv coverage.”


Daniel Cornwell added: “Very good of Harry and Meghan to name their first born [sic] after our dog. #archie #regal.” A Twitter user with the name Scott replied to a post by Piers Morgan with a picture of his own pet.

He wrote alongside it: “Personally I think my boy Archie is more regal...!” However, not everyone thought the names were funny as many took to social media to praise the boy’s middle name.


Someone named Tiffany wrote: “Never even made the Harrison= Son of Harry connection. Now that's cute.” While Max Foster added: “I understand the couple just liked the name Archie and that Harrison means son of Harry. #nothingcomplicated”

Duchess Meghan’s son’s first name is Archibald in full and it means "true and bold." There’s never been an Archie in the British Royal family which makes it unique.

The name was also said to be a tribute to Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, whose ancestor was named Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll, from Scotland.