Stevie J Seemingly Slams Joseline H. for Not Allowing Bonnie Bella Visit (Video)

Claudine Varela
May 10, 2019
06:19 A.M.
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Stevie J finally defends himself from Joseline Hernandez's claims of being an absentee father by putting the blame on her. He reveals being turned away at the door several times when attempting to see their child.


In response to Joseline Hernandez’s claims he’s a deadbeat father who hasn’t seen their daughter in over a year, Stevie J hits back and says it’s Joseline who’s barring him from seeing their child.



Last weekend, Stevie J used his social media as a platform to explain his side of the story that’s never come to light until now. In an Instagram Story, he revealed he traveled with his other daughter, Sade Jordan from Atlanta to Florida to pick up Bonnie Bella, his two-year-old with Joseline. However, he was disappointed when Joseline prohibited him from taking their child.


“I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur.”

“We’re on our way back to Atlanta. We came to Miami to pick up somebody, but somebody had a long night or something and don’t (sic) want to meet us for the fifth time,” Stevie spoke to his followers on the clip while inside his vehicle with Sade in the background. He added,

“This is the fifth time we’ve been here to pick up you-know-who and we can’t get her. I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur.”



As a result of a custody battle, Joseline and Stevie have joint custody of Bonnie though the former was named by the court as the little girl’s primary custodian.

Before this revelation, Joseline accused Stevie of being a deadbeat father who didn’t give much attention to Bonnie. She said in one of her posts that he didn’t even call her on her birthday or send her a gift. She even claimed it was Stevie’s wife, Faith Evans who was settling his child support obligations.


More recently, Joseline shaded Stevie when she shared a pic of her rumored new boyfriend, DJ Ballistics spending time with Bonnie. She labeled the pic, “#daddysgirl.”



Stevie’s new video may be a response to that photo and fans who now know his story are egging him to take legal action.

“Take her to court! Me being a single mother I NEVER denied visitation rights thru the courts SO if he’s paying child support then go to court and see her the right way with no problem,” one fan wrote in his comments section.

“Joseline still hurt smh I hate playing with kids I wish I had 2parents he has rights 2now I’m glad she’s still young she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Yeah Stevie go to the court for the child sake,” another chimed in.


However, there were also those who slammed the music producer and accused him of only being a father when he pleases.

With this new development, it’s interesting to find out how Joseline will react knowing how outspoken she is especially when it comes to the father of her child.