Melania Trump and Michelle Obama Have the Same 'Key' to a Happy Marriage

Comfort Omovre
May 14, 2019
12:57 P.M.
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Melania Trump and Michelle Obama may not possess the same characteristics, but they share something in common. They both have the same "Key" to a happy marriage — “Separate bathrooms.” 


Former First Lady, Michelle Obama while speaking on the “Today” show to publicize her new foundation — Global Girls Alliance, shared a few details about life after the White House with her husband, Barack Obama.


She explained that one of the keys to having a successful marriage is having separate bathrooms. She continued,

“When he enters my bathroom sometimes I’m like, "Why are you in here?" And he’s like, "I live here, can I enjoy my bathroom too?" 

The “Becoming” author then talked about how happy she is with life outside the white house. She joyfully expressed that she can now open her door, walk out freely, go on girls’ game and above all be a better mom. She added:

"There’s nothing new that’s going on. It’s just that we’re out in the real world.”


The former First Lady’s tip is very similar to that which Melania Trump gave in 2015 during her Husband’s campaign. She told “People” that:

“The key to a healthy marriage is having separate bathrooms,”

and according to reports she and President Donald Trump have separate bathrooms. 


Sometime in 2017, it was reported that the First Lady and President Trump sleep in separate bedrooms due to rumors about her husband’s extra-marital affairs but Melania came out to deny the allegation and also explained that as a mother and the First Lady of the country, she has more important things to think about and do.

The First Ladies have definitely had different encounters on various occasions but the most memorable one would be during President Trump’s Inaugural ceremony.

It is a known culture in the United States that the outgoing presidents would always welcome the incoming presidents into the White House on the morning of the Inauguration Day.


During the inaugural process, Melania presented a Tiffany & Co. box to Michelle Obama as they welcomed the Trumps into the White House and this left many wondering about the content of the box.

Michelle spoke about the awkward thoughts she had while she collected the gift during her interview with Ellen on the “Ellen DeGeneres” show. She then went on to reveal the content of the Tiffany & Co. box. She said:

“It was a lovely frame.”