Leann Rimes’ Performance of the National Anthem 22 Years Ago Is Still Heartwarming

LeAnn Rimes, aged 13 and possessing a very soulful voice, was deemed one of the youngest country stars ever known but sadly, that fame dimmed out. 

Decades ago, Rimes was a Grammy award-winning singer in high demand on the entertainment scene. It was at about this time she was called upon to perform the national anthem, in honor of America, to a crowd of thousands at a 1997 all-star game in Cleveland.

Introduced as an award-winning star, Rimes beautifully outfitted in a charming dress stepped on stage and sang her heart out. She showed off her wide vocal range kicking off with reverberating vocals and going on to strike the high tunes.

The performance turned out to be one of the best renditions of the anthem that, even some 22 years later, still leaves listeners in awe. 


LeAnn Rimes plunged into fame when she was stepping into teenagehood at 13. At such a young age, she became recognized as the second youngest country star following Tanya Tucker. No mean feat, the young beauty would go on to release her debut album, “Blue” in 1996.

With her soulful singing, Rimes won herself a massive fan following worldwide. The fame was even more than she could have ever hoped to achieve so early with her album getting deemed platinum and topping Billboard charts. 


However, the Texas-born beauty’s success didn't particularly extend to her personal affairs with things becoming somewhat controversial. The vast extent of the infamy seemed to shroud her booming career.

Rimes’ first marriage was to Dean Sheremet, a backup dancer she first met in 2001. They seemed to be the perfect fit with the “How Do I Live” singer even publicly confessing her love for Sheremet in an interview.

Their picture-perfect tale turned disastrous in 2009 after news of Rimes’ affair with her “Northern Lights” co-star, Eddie Cibrian hit the media. They were both married at the time, a fact that made the scandal widely publicized and a very nasty one.

The adultery eventually resulted in the cheated-on partners filing for divorces allowing Rimes and Cibrian to officiate their union about a year after.


The couple has been together ever since, and although they seem to be the perfect fit, there is no arguing the fact that the scandal significantly damaged Rimes’ music career.

Despite this, her angelic voice is one country fans will always find awe-inspiring. Thankfully, Rimes still has it down when it comes to singing, and this video of her performing the national anthem is enough proof!