LeAnn Rimes mourns the devastating loss of an important person in her life

Oyin Balogun
Jan 17, 2019
07:22 P.M.
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LeAnn Rimes loses her first-grade teacher, Mrs. Louise Chaney; it is unfortunate news for the country singer, she and Mrs. Louise kept in touch all through the years. 


Mrs. Chaney has a history with LeAnn's family as she taught both her mom and dad in 9th grade.


LeAnn Rimes took to her Instagram account to make a lengthy tribute to this woman who she says was the most significant light in her life. 

She made this long tribute after posting an old picture of Mrs. Chaney and a very young LeAnn Rimes.


Rimes wrote:

“This incredible woman, Mrs. Louise Chaney taught me in first grade and taught my mom and dad in 9th grade. She was the biggest light in my life, in so many lives. I kept in touch with her my whole life. She always gave me the freedom to be myself in class. She allowed me to write in cursive when we were still learning how to print. Printing wasn't as pretty and interesting enough for me, I guess LOL, and she just let me roll with it. I will forever love this woman, and I'm unfortunate she is no longer walking this earth plane. However, she is now with her equally as wonderful husband out in the ethers, holding him again. You will be forever celebrated and missed Mrs. Chaney,” she ended the tribute by giving a word of advice to other teachers out in the world “Just a reminder to all the teachers out there- you do make a difference, A HUGE DIFFERENCE! What you do is important. Thanks to all the teachers, such as Mrs. Chaney who don't just teach, you change lives forever.” 


It is very understandable to have such strong feelings for our teachers, a lot of kids always have that one teacher who impacted their life so much, that it sticks with them even into adulthood.

In Rimes' case, it's Mrs. Chaney; I guess it is because she allowed her to express herself with a level of freedom that still blows her mind now when she thinks of it.

In her tribute, she chose to celebrate the love and respect she has for this woman and not dwell on the loss, on a lighter mood she said Mrs. Chaney would finally be with her husband once again. 

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