Donald Trump Shares a Photo Taken with His Oldest Granddaughter on Her Birthday

President Donald Trump took to Instagram to share a rare photo smiling next to one of his granddaughters, Kai, on her 12th birthday.

POTUS reposted the picture that his son, Donald Trump Jr., shared on social media. In the image, he was wearing a white shirt, a light blue tie, and a dark blue blazer which had a pin with the American flag on it.

Apart from that, he was looking directly at the camera while flashing his big smile. Kai, the President’s eldest grandchild, was standing next to him wearing a black coat that covered most of her body and was also smiling for the photo.

Kai was born on May 12, 2007, in NYC.

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In the caption, POTUS wrote: “Happy Birthday Kai, so proud of you!” Trump Jr.’s original post, though, had a longer message.

“Happy 12 birthday to the most incredible girl in the world. Kai aka @kaitrumpgolfer, I’m so proud of the young woman you’ve become. You never cease to amaze me and I love you so much. Happy birthday princess,” shared the proud father.


Kai is the oldest member of the “First Grandkids,” as some people know them. She was born on May 12, 2007, in NYC and was spotted several times during POTUS’ presidential campaign.

Next, there is Donald Trump III, Kai’s brother. He was born on February 18, 2009, in NYC, just like his sister. Even though he is young, he was involved in a controversial event already as two Secret Service members were under investigation for taking selfies with the boy while he was sleeping in 2017.

The rest of the list includes Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe, Trump Jr.’s children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, Ivanka Trump’s children, and Luke, Eric Trump’s child, totaling nine “First Grandkids.”


It is not the first time that POTUS is photographed next to his grandchildren, though. In March this year, Trump Jr. shared a picture showing his father smiling at the camera between his two children Kai and “Donnie.”

For the caption, Trump Jr. wrote that his children had a great time with “grandpa” and that “it’s always fun for them to be able to get some time in with him since he’s not around NYC much these days.”

Soon later, for Easter, the president reposted another photo that Trump Jr. shared in which he appeared next to Chloe and Spencer, proving that even though he has a very busy schedule, he enjoys spending time with his family.

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