Gabrielle Union Gives Advice to Moms: 'Live like a Dude'

Monica Otayza
May 14, 2019
12:02 P.M.
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Gabrielle Union reveals that her honest advice on motherhood is to "live like a dude," because no one ever asks them how they balance all their responsibilities.


Gabrielle Union might as well be superwoman because of all the roles she's been playing in life, be it having multiple Hollywood projects, supporting her NBA husband, being a good mother, to being a loyal friend.

Live Freely

The actress and executive producer of "L.A.'s Finest" was hard at work this week to promote her latest project, and revealed during an Interview that for her, the best advice for motherhood is to "live like a dude" and live freely.


“Let yourself off the hook. Dudes do it all the time. No one asks a man ‘how do you balance it all’ because they don’t. They assume that they don’t. So live like a dude. Don’t worry about how you balance it all do good enough. As long as you have your peace, your grace, your joy… you know there’s gonna be some days you hit it out of the park at work maybe not so much at home. Some days you’re gonna be hitting it out of the park at home. Not so much at work."

She adds that while moms live at their own pace, they should also not give in to the pressures of having to deliver certain expectations from others. They are allowed to make mistakes, and it's okay.


“Some days you’re going to be like ‘Let’s try five positions!’ and some days is gonna be the same old six o’clock and that’s all gonna be OK. I mean and if there’s people in your life that that are demanding that perfection or some sort of like ‘You better be a chef, a double zero, you better be the business woman of the year, you better be you know this perfect unattainable thing, some parent that makes zero mistakes that’s there for every freakin’ thing that these kids are not going to remember’ I’m sorry you can’t be in my life because it’s actually abusive to put that kind of expectation on one another. Set yourself free.”

New Beginnings

After years of having problems conceiving a child, Gab Union and Dwyane Wade welcomed their first child, Kaavia James. Certain that they were destined to be parents, the Wades welcomed their baby girl via surrogate, and since then, have been open about their parenthood journey to the rest of their fans.


They've shared countless photos of their little girl since they've welcomed her home into their arms, and have even begun a business under her name.

With Dwyane Wade's retirement from the NBA, he and Gab have a lot more time on their hands to spend with their little girl, and they've been loving it.