Blake Shelton's Awkward Moment as He Responds to a Fan's Comment

“The Voice” coach and country singer Blake Shelton explained why he “sucks at social media” after a recent and awkward misunderstanding.

Blake Shelton may be an outstanding coach on “The Voice,” having won six seasons and he may have won a string of music awards, but admittingly, there is something Blake has yet to master: social media.

His latest single, “God’s Country” sparked a discussion online and as soon as Blake joined into the conversation, things got confusing.

A Twitter user, who had seen the music video of Blake’s new song, “God’s Country” posted a question as to why it didn’t feature any American flags along with the music video:

A user who saw the post perceived that it meant only America is God’s country and replied:

At this point, Blake entered the thread with an uncomfortable bang and with a logic that made sense, but it missed the mark.

Blake mistakingly based his response on the understanding that the Twitter user responded to the video the person who started the thread, posted of his new song “God’s Country.” While the user actually responded to the caption that went along with it.

The misunderstanding soon got spotted by a netizen who pointed it out before matters got more confusing:

The country singer quickly apologized as he realized the error and the reason he “sucks at social media.” To his credit, with a dazzling amount of exclamation points:

His quirky way on social media often shines through, as it did in a post on New Year’s Day which fans found hilarious:

On March 1, Blake’s Vodka brand, Smithworks, celebrated its third birthday and Blake posted a celebratory message that had netizens in stitches:

In 2016, Blake excitedly posted an announcement of the launch of Smithworks online. As part of “Smithworks Family” that developed the vodka, Blake felt “excited for everyone to finally taste” the fruits of their labors, according to the brand’s website.

While the vodka is finished and bottled in Fort Smith, Arkansas, it is made with corn from Missouri, Kansas, and Blake’s home state Oklahoma with water from Lake Fort Smith.

On April 16, Blake’s fellow coach on “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson, celebrated her first day back on set with some mischief.

She filmed herself as she snuck into Blake’s trailer on set with the sole purpose of pulling a prank but inadvertently ended up mocking Blake for his stash of alcohol.