Trump and Obama's Mother's Day Tweets Reveal Another of Their Big Differences

No two Presidents can ever be the same, but Donald Trump and his predecessor, former president Barack Obama, have many striking differences that are hard to miss. Let’s consider the way they share messages on social media, for instance. 

Obama and Trump both took to Twitter to share their messages on the occasion of Mother’s Day. While there is nothing wrong with their Tweets, the way they expressed their gratitude towards the most important women in their lives differed vastly. 

President Trump opted for a more comprehensive greeting on social media this year. He tweeted a photograph of flowers at the White House with the words “Happy Mother’s Day from President Donald J. Trump.” 

Meanwhile, Obama celebrated the day by posting a heartwarming picture of his wife Michelle along with their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, on the Great Wall of China. The beautiful picture featured Michelle hugging their daughters while all of them smiled warmly. 

“Happy Mother's Day to the most caring, brilliant, funny, and grounded woman I know—a perfect role model not just for our daughters, but so many others. Love you, @MichelleObama,” Obama wrote


Last year, Trump praised his mother, Anne MacLeod, on Mother’s Day in a presidential address.

"She was just incredible — warm, loving, really smart, could be tough if she had to be but basically she was a really nice person," he said. “So much of what I've done and so much of what I've become is because of my mother. I miss her a lot."

Again, no mention of Melania or his daughter Ivanka, who is a mother of three children. 

In contrary, Obama wished his wife and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, through a Tweet on Mother’s Day last year. He did not fail to wish “every mom out there” in his Tweet.

It is impossible for us to know how the two men treat their significant others in real life but one this is for sure, Obama knows how to make the important women in his lives feel special. 

We hope President Trump made his wife feel special on her day in person if not on social media.

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