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Michael Ealy on the Craziest Thing He's Ever Done for Love (Video)

Aby Rivas
May 18, 2019
09:59 A.M.
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“The Perfect Guy” star, Michael Ealy, recently confessed the craziest thing he has ever done for love, and it wasn’t romantic at all: he stalked a girlfriend in college when she broke up with him.


Michale Ealy is a chameleon on the screen. He can play a romantic lead, like in “Being Mary Jane,” a psycho obsessed with a girl, like on “The Perfect Guy,” or a husband trying to protect his wife, as he did on his most recent film, “The Intruder.”



However, off-screen, Ealy is mostly known for his shy personality, polished speech, and collected demeanor.

So, when he decided to open up about the craziest thing he has ever done for love in an interview with Madame Noire, fans weren’t expecting the detailed tale that came out of his mouth.


“The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love was stalk,” he started. “My girlfriend in college broke up with me, and I felt like she was gonna go back to her old boyfriend, so I kind of hung outside the apartment.”

And continued:

“I knew his car was there and the light was on in her room, and I just sat there waiting to go out. As if I was going to do something. […] I had a final the next day, and I didn’t sleep. And when the light went out, I think I probably cried a little bit, and for whatever reason, I just hoped it’d come right back on.”


He stated he doesn’t remember anymore what happened next, but that was the craziest thing he’s ever done.


Ealy overcame those college days and married actress Khatira Rafiqzada in October 2012. They have two kids: son Elijah Rakim, and daughter Brown.

On the same interview, Michael also addressed how being a husband and father has changed his life, explaining that he has become more patient and less selfish thanks to his beautiful family.


“You get a whole new perspective of what matters,” he continued. “Whatever dreams you might have been chasing prior to kids and family I think they don’t carry the same weight. It’s not that just stop chasing your dreams; it’s just it doesn’t carry the same weight.”



The 45-year-old is currently making press rounds while promoting the film “The Intruder,” where he shares the screen with Meagan Good.

They embody a young couple who buys their dream Napa Valley house and come face-to-face with danger after realizing the previous owner, played by Dennis Quaid, refuses to let go.


Ealy is also working in another film from the same director of “The Intruder,” Deon Taylor, called “Fatale,” which is another thriller.

“This is me and Hillary Swank and Mike Colter, and this one is beautiful, it’s a noir thriller. I just saw some footage from it the other day. Hillary is incredible to work with,” Michael told the Mill Buzz of the film.

Michael is also working closely with several non-profits to raise awareness about different causes close to his heart.

He recently mentioned the Lust Garden Foundation, which is focused on fighting pancreatic cancer, and Urban Arts Partnership, an organization that keeps the arts in the public school system in NYC and L.A.