Brian Kolfage Breaks Silence Amid Claims He Misspent Money Raised to Build the Wall

Purple Heart triple amputee Brian Kolfage issued a statement following accusations he pocketed the money he raised to “build the wall.”

Kolfage, 37, who raised more than $20 million from the online campaign, said on Facebook that the project will soon be unveiled.

“We are in the homestretch and it’s on a need to know basis. We have been talking with Fox News and prime time shows to break the news for you, you’re going to see it very soon! And it’s going to be GLORIOUS!” he shared.

He explained that he and his team have remained silent “for a very good reason.” He said that powerful people are wanting to stop the project.

“But when I guaranteed we’d build the wall I meant it, and we are working with many congressmen and senators to help us mitigate these issues from the left-wing attack groups!” he said.


Accusations of misspending the funds surfaced after it was learned that Kolfage purchased a $600,000 boat.

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WATCH these videos. Just ate dinner with a border patrol agent who told me stories that I can’t believe. It’s so bad what’s going on way worse than I even thought. Diseases, cartel hitmen being allowed in and released because they bring a child... it’s so bad. Not only that it’s so easy to get here I crossed into Mexico and back in my wheelchair! Did you know every illegal alien is given instant welfare card on the spot with no less than $1000, plus $400 for each kid and they don’t need to even show proof. The State of New Mexico even gives them state ID’s then they are set free and have a 5 year wait for immigration court which they will never show. Meanwhile they can’t work since they are illegal and soak up benefits for life. Our agent told us they ask in custody “when do we get our free money”. I’m just glad @kris.kobach our next DHS chief has his boots on the ground learning all this with us. He will fix the issue. @realdonaldtrump @donaldjtrumpjr @politico @foxnews @wearebreitbart @milo.yiannopoulos @diamondandsilk @erictrump @webuildthewall #trump #maga @buzzfeed @ocasio2018

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“Nancy just said she 'just doesn't understand why?' Very simply, without a Wall it all doesn't work."

Kolfage, who lost both legs and one arm following a 2004 rocket attack at an Iraq air base, raised more than $22 million through a GoFundMe fund-raising campaign.

He assured the donors that their money will be spent for its intended purpose. “You all will have the best present very soon,” he wrote.


US President Donald Trump has been adamant about building a wall on the US-Mexico boundary, saying this is crucial in ensuring security. The wall is estimated to cost $5.7 billion.

He earlier criticized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after she stated that only $5 billion could be provided for border security.

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#MAGA 🇺🇸

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He wrote on Twitter: “Nancy just said she 'just doesn't understand why?' Very simply, without a Wall it all doesn't work. Our country has a chance to greatly reduce Crime, Human Trafficking, Gangs and Drugs. Should have been done for decades. We will not Cave!”

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