What Ayesha Curry Told Her Daughters After They Said, 'I'm Not Black'

Monica Otayza
May 16, 2019
11:55 A.M.
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During an interview with Working Mother, Ayesha Curry reveals how she educated her daughter about their race when she said: "I'm not black."


Ayesha is as interracial as it gets, with her mother being Jamaican-Chinese, and her dad being Polish-African-American. As she grew up in Canada, people identified themselves as places where they lived, not black or white. At the time, she would identify herself as Jamaican because that's where her mom was really from.


"Everyone was from a place other than Canada and that's how you identified yourself, not black or white. I identified as Jamaican because that's where my mom came from. In the states, I'm simply 'black'."

Race Knowledge

As early as now, Ayesha is trying to instill the importance of knowing one's race to her children. She wants them to know that although they have a fair complexion, they need to know their roots.


“They’re fair in complexion, and they’ve said: ‘I’m not black; look at my skin.’ And I said: ‘No, no, no. You’re a black woman. You have melanin. It’s part of who you are. Our descendants are from Africa. This is what that means.’ It’s been a journey teaching them that, and that black comes in many different shades."

According to Ayesha, "fitting in" to a white community hasn't always been easy, and she reveals that sometimes, she feels they need to embrace everyone better than they do now.


“My own community needs to embrace everyone better. Sometimes I feel like I’m too black for the white community, but I’m not black enough for my own community. That’s a hard thing to carry."

To her, accepting her roots has been quite the journey, and she wants her daughters to understand who they truly are.

"I want my girls to understand who they are, and to love it."


Happy Family

Aside from her two lovely daughters, Riley and Ryan, Ayesha and Steph share a son named Canon. Together, they often spend time and show their close bond in the simplest ways, such as wearing matching pajamas.

Thanks to Steph and Ayesha's steadfast faith and true love, they've been pegged as one of the most ideal families in America. They make sure to continue to inspire their fanbase by posting updates about their everyday lives, and how they are able to work things out despite their busy schedules.

At the end of the day, no matter how far they chase their dreams, they'll always come home to their family as it's the most important thing for them.