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Donald Trump Reacts to Ex-President Jimmy Carter’s Hip Surgery, Says ‘He Will Be Fine’

Gracious Egedegbe
May 16, 2019
07:15 P.M.
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President Donald Trump was in his usual "Twitter Mode" when he reacted to ex-White House leader, Jimmy Carter’s hip surgery. The former President hurt his hip in a fall incident in his home and required surgery. 


Americans are now so used to President Donald Trump’s tweets as he usually shares information and comments on issues via Twitter. It wasn’t surprising to see him use that means in wishing one of his predecessors, President Jimmy Carter, a quick recovery from his hip surgery.


The President's tweet wished Mr. Carter well, hoping that he makes a quick recovery from his surgical procedure. He also noted that he (President Carter) was in good spirits when he spoke with him over the phone in April.

The President ended his tweet by assuring that Mr. Carter would be fine. Many Americans reacted to the tweet, and the reactions were mixed, with some commending the president, while others criticized him. 


Ex-President Jimmy Carter broke his hip after falling in his home in Georgia. The 94-year-old former White House leader who happens to be the oldest ex-president alive fell while going for turkey hunting.

The broken required a surgery which went on successfully and President Jimmy is currently in recovery mode. Fears were rife about his health after the fall and surgery, but his doctors have assured that there weren’t any complications and that he would be fine, echoing President Trump’s assurances. 


The ex-president has his loving wife, Rosalynn, by his bedside, while his team members also showed him support. His team members joked that the only thing the former president cared about was missing the last week of the turkey hunting season.

Jimmy had set a target for himself this hunting season and is gutted to not fulfill it due to his health and hopes the state of Georgia would allow him to roll over his unused limit to next year’s hunting season.


At 94, Jimmy Carter is still going strong and keeps fit with daily exercises. He spends his time hunting turkey and is also a humanitarian worker. The ex-president is known to partake in the efforts of Habitat for Humanity Construction, helping to build homes for the masses. 

Jimmy Carter was born on the 1st of October, 1924. He was a bright lad while growing up, finishing in the top 10 percent of his class in Annapolis in 1946.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his efforts in finding peaceful solutions to World conflicts, the advancement of democracy and human rights as well as the promotion of economic and social development.