Brother Doesn't Want Sister at His Wedding Unless She Covers up While Breastfeeding

Bettina Dizon
May 17, 2019
12:58 A.M.
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A sister who has been making a constant effort to “build a bridge” with her brother finally cut ties with him after he asked her to cover up while breastfeeding her son at his wedding.

It is understood how some weddings have the most ridiculous requests to complete what could be the “best day ever” for the bride and groom, but this groom went a little overboard with his claim that his sister couldn’t accept.

The sister posted what her brother asked of her in the “That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming” group on Facebook to seek advice and contemplate on whether she was right or wrong in her stance.



Posting the exchange of messages she and her brother had, she carefully explained that her baby, Freddy, won’t nurse with a cover which is why she always tries to keep feeding as discreet as possible, yet her brother asked her to use a cover or do it in the restroom.


“You’re welcome to feed Freddy, but you have to use a cover,” said her brother about his big day.

His sister revoked her invite and just decided not to go, even commenting that it is illegal to force a nursing woman to use a cover.


The groom, who has been mean to her since their younger years, did not at all care about his sister's presence during the wedding, not her constant effort to “build a bridge with him” for the past couple of years.


“If you think I’m not the grown up then that’s ridiculous. You can’t respect the wishes for my wedding. This isn’t your day. It’s for me and [his wife] and we want everyone to feel comfortable attending. So be a [expletive] grown up and make it so everyone can feel comfortable attending,” he said.

The nursing sister replied, placing her son's health before anyone else's comfort and pointed out that her brother does not understand as he is yet to be a parent.


Readers of the post commented their two cents, majority siding with the woman and understanding her public breastfeeding concerns. One person emphasized the short amount of time feeding will take over the significant fact that it is a family event.


Unlike grown adults who can hold in their hunger, infants who are not fed when hungry may have a more dangerous consequence to it, making it essential for them to feed on time.


Another said that it was a good thing for her not to attend the wedding of someone she does not like and vice versa. However, others also understood her brother’s request.

“Even though your brother’s request is relatively selfish, you’d think you could step out for five minutes in a bid to keep him happy and help continue to build the relationship,” said the person



Breastfeeding in public has become an issue women constantly fight for after being shamed for some time. Melanie Dudley was one who was victimized for breastfeeding in public after a man demanded she covers up while nursing her child.

Dudley handled the situation calmly and acted as if she didn’t understand his request, and instead covered her head with a towel. Similarly, Jennifer Mancuso was asked to nurse in the back of an area by a daycare director. 

“I responded saying that I don’t think that’s legal, what they’re telling me. She said, ‘It’s company policy because we have school-age children,’” the mom shared.

Unlike grown adults who can hold in their hunger, infants who are not fed when hungry may have a more dangerous consequence to it, making it essential for them to feed on time.