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Things Kids from Seventies Did All the Time That Would Drive Today's Parents Crazy

Pedro Marrero
May 18, 2019
04:24 A.M.
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Life in the '70s was simpler and fun, especially for children. They regularly played, ran and performed all kinds of activities that are now considered risky, that’s why sometimes it is hard to believe that so many children have survived without harm to their childhood during that decade.


For example, one of the things that today would be very strange to do but that at that time was very common is to see pregnant mothers smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. At that time, it was not known how harmful this kind of behavior is for the health of babies.

Another thing we could often see is children playing without adult supervision in totally unsafe parks. Metal slides that were heated in the sun and metallic structures several meters high were some of the devices that little ones used to climb and where they spent hours playing.


It was also very common to see how they use to ride bicycles without a helmet to protect them in case of a fall. We see photographs of groups of children riding their bicycles quietly through the streets and having no supervision or protection at all.


Perhaps the most dangerous is to see how children were transported in all types of vehicles without safety measures. We remember how parents carried babies and small children on motorcycles in unsafe plastic baby carriers.


It seems incredible that young children travel in cars most of the time with no more protection than a seatbelt, in the arms of their parents in the front seat or in a child seat that only has a metal bar in the front to hold on.

We even remember seeing children traveling piled up in the back of a pick-up truck, sitting in the windows or circling around on the roof of the car. How could they survive all this danger? At this time they would surely receive a fine.


To finish we can say that going to the beach was quite dangerous also because kids didn’t wear life jackets to get on boats and they didn’t wear protective shirts or any type of sunblock.

In the present days, children are protected and cared for in all their recreational activities, however, we have to wonder if they are having fun as much as children who grew up in the '70s without so many protections but with a lot of freedom.

Life was simpler, sillier and less serious back then. Inclusion was a thing and people used to dress in neon colors without anyone judging them for it. Kids these days have it easier in many ways, and still, they find ways to make their lives complicated.