Texas Police Finds Girl Who Was Kidnapped While Walking with Her Mother

Rodolfo Vieira
May 19, 2019
06:34 P.M.
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Police have managed to find and rescue an 8-year-old girl named Salem Sabatka after she was kidnapped by a black man while she was walking with her mother.


The incident took place on Saturday evening, May 18, 2019, in Texas. The man, identified as Michael Webb, forced her to enter his car and sped away as the mother tried to stop him.

Chilling footage of the moment was captured by a neighbor's doorbell camera, and the images were used to share the appearance of the car on social media.



Fortunately, it didn't take long for the Fort Worth Police Department to find the little girl thanks to a couple of heroes who happened to spot the grey Ford Five Hundred park in front of the WoodSpring Suits.

According to Buddy Calzada, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Police, the duo's tip was crucial because it allowed the officers to bring Salem back to her family.


Calzada refused to share the identity of the two informers but said they are members of the local church who happened to see the image of the vehicle online.


Upon arriving at the hotel, officers quickly found the room Webb was staying in, breached the door and found Salem unharmed. The 51-year-old kidnapper was also inside and was immediately arrested.


Webb, who is not related to the little girl, faces charges of aggravated kidnapping. Following his arrested, Salem was taken to a local hospital where she reunited with her loved ones.

Michael Webb forced her to enter his car and sped away as the mother tried to stop him



This story had a happy ending, but sadly the same couldn't be said about Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old woman from Columbia who was kidnapped after mistaking the suspect's car for an Uber.

Josephson was caught by a surveillance camera entering a stranger's car just hours before being brutally murdered. Her body was later found 65 miles away, in the woods of Clarendon County.

The police were able to find the murderer and identified him as Nathaniel D. Rowland. In the trunk of his car officers found Josephson's cellphone, cleaning wipes, bleach and window cleaner, as well as her blood.