Kenny Nolan: What Happened to the Seventies' Singer Who Sang the Iconic 'I like Dreamin'?

Kenny Nolan is one of those names that have come and gone when it comes to the music industry, but it is still a relevant one nowadays as he never stopped working.

Back in the 70s, Nolan became famous for his two solo hits, "I Like Dreaming" and "Love's Grown Deep," but he was never cut out to live the life of a true singer.

It has been reported that he didn't enjoy traveling from one place to another for press conferences and promotions, which was why he only spent one year as an artist.


Ever since he was a teenager, his talent for music was very obvious, so much that he managed to earn a scholarship to USC at the age of 13 after playing some of his compositions.

However, he soon dropped out because, being too young to drive, going to school in downtown L.A. was too challenging. Fortunately, he got a second chance when he was 17 as he was offered a scholarship to Chiounard.


But he didn't take advantage of it either and dropped out in no time. Still, it didn't matter to him because, by then, he was already writing his own songs as he played the piano.

His career was boosted by Mike Curb, a former President of MGM, who signed him to a writer and artist's deal at the company. The songwriter recalled how well everything was going:

"I was happy to start making money in the music business. I had a Grass Roots hit in Europe, a cut with the Osmond Bros., and a Dobie Gray record.  I was doing well."

Eventually, he struck a deal with 20th Century Fox Records, but he loved writing songs more than being an artist, so he began writing hits after hits.

From "Penny For Your Thoughts" for Tavares in 1982 to "Lady Marmalade," performed by Labelle, Nolan spread his magic across the music industry with ease.


Nowadays, he still writes songs as it continues to be his greatest passion, but he has recently engaged in a legal battle for "Lady Marmelade," filing a $20 million lawsuit against Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

The lawsuit is reportedly based on breach of contract and copyright infringement, as Nolan claims that Sony/ATV has bought the rights to several of his songs and haven't paid him his share of royalties.


But that wasn't the only lawsuit in the music industry that caused headlines. Rihanna also went to court and sued her father, Ronald Fenty, for promoting himself as her representative.

The star reportedly sent him several letters asking him to stop but he never took her warnings seriously, which led to the false advertising and invasion of privacy lawsuit.