Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Reunite for Son's Graduation

Tamar Braxton and ex Vincent Herbert attended their son Logan's kindergarten graduation together.

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert may be entangled in a divorce, but they are first and foremost loving parents to their 5-year-old son, Logan.

Logan has just graduated from kindergarten, and Tamar and Vincent were there, side by side,  to cheer him on.

"That kindergarten class is saved!!! He’s going to the FIRST grade already!! Congratulations To my BEANS"  Tamar Braxton


Tamar posted a video of the graduating class looking adorable in their gowns and caps as they chanted a pledge.

She also shared several photos of Logan with his family, which include aunt Toni Braxton and Grandmother Evelyn Braxton, as well as his mom and dad.


While the rest of the family is smiling happily at the camera, Vincent looks decidedly out of sorts. He is displaying a surly frown which fans remarked on immediately.

"Is David taking the pic because Vince looking real mad"

"Bye Vince with the negativity okay. He seen that dungeon performance and want his old thing back."

"Congratulations!! Btw, Vince looks mad mad lol. Tamar’s bf must’ve taken the pic"

Tamar, 42, has been separated from Vincent since October 2017.


Vincent's expression may indeed have been due to the presence of David Adfeso, Tamar's new boyfriend, a very handsome and well-to-do Nigerian businessman.


Adfeso and Tamar have been dating for a few months now, and she has introduced him to her son, Logan, and revealed that they get along beautifully.

Was Adfeso along for the family event? There is no confirmation, except for Vincent's sour grapes expression.

After she was body shamed by fans for having cellulite, Tamar clapped back by revealing that her "snackable" boyfriend loves her just as she is. Lucky Tamar.


Tamar Braxton opened up to Wendy Williams and explained why her divorce from  Vincent Herbert is taking so long to finalize.

“It’s the paperwork, Linda! And it’s LA. And when you have a lot of things together and LA, just period, takes forever. We haven’t been living together for two years now,” she said.

Tamar, 42, has been separated from Vincent since October 2017. The couple had been together for nine years and they share custody of their 5-year-old son, Logan.

Tamar admitted to Williams that her financial situation is very different now that she is not married to Vincent, a successful music producer.

Tamar revealed that she is now focused on her career and getting her life back on track.