Tamar Braxton's Son Logan Shows off His Dance Moves in Heartwarming Video with the Singer

Tamar Braxton and her son do the dance of joy in the kitchen following the star’s recent win on “Celebrity Big Brother.” She shared a clip of their showdown and it was adorable. 

Tamar Braxton and her son Logan put on quite a show for the singer’s Instagram followers who witnessed the mother and son on a dance showdown.

It appeared like the duo were whiling away their time in the kitchen when they broke out into dance. The clip begins with Tamar and Logan mastering moves with their feet until Logan decides to play the music all over again. When the music restarts, he encourages his mother to dance along with him calling her “mama” before getting into the rhythm of the music himself.

“It’s nothing like Dancing in the kitchen with my beans,” Tamar wrote to caption the clip. 

Tamar will soon be dancing with her son in a bigger kitchen if her plans for a new home push through. After recently bagging the top prize on Celebrity Big Brother, the devoted mom who lives in an apartment said her first order of business is to buy her five-year-old a new house. 

“Thank you, guys, for just being my lifelong friends. Thank you guys so much, I’m so grateful. Now I get to buy my baby a house,”she said during her post-win speech. 

Tamar beat fellow contenders Dina Lohan, Ricky Williams, Lolo Jones, and Kandi Burruss in the season 2 finale of the reality show. When down to just her and Ricky, she played the troubled star card and enumerated the trials she’s been through in the past to gain greater support.

Her efforts proved victorious since she won unanimously in the final round making her the second in the show’s history to achieve that. Moreover, she now holds the record as the first Black person to win in “Celebrity Big Brother” in the US.  

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