Tamar Braxton wins 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 2, becomes first Black winner of US version

Ra'eesah Manack
Feb 14, 2019
05:04 A.M.
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Tamar Braxton shocked fans by winning "Celebrity Big Brother" Season 2. The win makes her the first Black winner of the US version of the show.


"Celebrity Big Brother" season two has come to an end. Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, Dina Lohan, Ricky Williams, and Lolo Jones strived for the win on Wednesday, February 13.

While it was a close competition, Tamar, whose season had been riddled with controversy, shocked everyone when she snagged the title at the end. She is the first Black winner of the US versions of the show ever.


The finale episode started midway through the puzzle HoH competition. Everyone fought hard to win but Dina forgot the rules and was disqualified.

Ricky won the HoH — his first of the season. He decided to put Dina and Kandi up on the block and made a final two deal with Tamar.


They agreed that if Kandi or Dina won the veto then Lolo was going up. However, Lolo earned the W in the veto competition.

Lolo wanted to get rid of Kandi and considered using the veto. She knew that if she put Tamar on the block, Dina would vote to evict Tamar.


She would then vote to evict Kandi leaving Ricky with the deciding vote. She wanted to bank on her knowledge that Ricky would keep Tamar over Kandi.

However, Tamar wasn’t pleased with the idea. Tamar added that she’d be fine to send Kandi home and Lolo eventually chose against using it.


Tamar, however, broke her promise and voted to evict Dina. Lolo voted to evict Kandi and Ricky had to break the tie.

He was forced to choose between his alliance members’ plans. He immediately decided to vote Kandi during the live ceremony.


The final four then went to the last HoH competition and at the end, it came down to Tamar and Ricky who were stuck in a tie. Ricky won again and had to choose between Lolo, Dina, and Tamar.

One would go with him to the final two while the other two would be evicted. He announced his decision saying,

“I love you Dina, and it’s been great, but I choose to evict you. It’s been great working with you, Lolo. I offered you a deal so I didn’t have to be in the position; you didn’t want it, so I evict Lolo.”


Lolo had been stunned when he voted her off. and even the jury was also shocked to see Lolo join them. When the final two questions were asked both Ricky and Tamar both gave stand-out speeches.

However. every single vote went to Tamar. She was named the winner of Celebrity Big Brother season 2, taking home $250,000 while Ricky was awarded the second place prize of $50,000. Tom Green received America’s Favorite Houseguest.