Porsha Williams Shares Sweet Video of 8-Week-Old Daughter 'Enjoying Her Bath Time'

Porsha Williams delighted fans by sharing an adorable video of her baby daughter Pilar Jhena enjoying her bath.

Fans of reality star Porsha Williams have been following her experience as a first-time mom eagerly and loving every glimpse of her baby daughter Pilar Jhena.

Porsha has now shared the most adorable video clip yet on Instagram, of little Pilar Jhena in her bath.

“Pj is enjoying her bath time with mommy, grandma & great grandma & TitiLo.” Porsha Williams


The video clip shows the lovely 7-week-old baby in her bathtub, loving supported by her mom's hand on her tiny chest.

As Porsha gently sponges water over the baby, she revels in the sensation, clearly enjoying the pampering.


Pilar Jhena may be just 7 weeks old, but she already has a considerable following on social media. Porsha set up an Instagram page for her tiny tot, and she quickly garnered over 130,000 followers.

Porsha was shocked and saddened to discover that she wasn't producing enough milk to breastfeed her baby.


Pilar Jhena was born a week before her due date, through Cesarean section, a painful ordeal for Porsha. 

“A lot of people think that C-sections are easy — an easier way to give birth. But I assure you, it is full, serious surgery. It was difficult!” she said.


After Pilar Jhena's birth, Porsha was shocked and saddened to discover that she wasn't producing enough milk to breastfeed her baby.

“Once she got here and you’re looking at your daughter, you want to give her the world. You want her to have everything that’s the best for her. So it was really difficult for me to come to the realization that I couldn’t pump enough milk for her,” she said.

All the difficulties of the last two months notwithstanding, Porsha confesses that she has never been happier.

She and fianceé Dennis McKinley are enjoying baby “Baby PJ,” who Porsha revealed, is just like her dad.


On March 22, 2019, Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley welcomed their first child, "PJ."

Throughout her pregnancy, the reality star had referred to her baby as "PJ," which fans interpreted as "Porsha Junior."

The couple chose a lovely exotic name for their adorable offspring - Pilar Jhena. Porsha explained that the first part of the baby's name is derived from Spanish, and is a reference to Mary, mother of Jesus, Maria del Pilar.

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