Meghan McCain’s Viral Clapback Appears on ‘Jeopardy!’

Columnist Meghan McCain's clapback against one Twitter user that went viral resurfaced recently during an episode of the classic game show, “Jeopardy!”

McCain, 34, took to Twitter to share a photo of a "Jeopardy" question that referenced a tweet she sent in March.

The viral tweet was McCain's response to a comment made by a conservative commentator criticizing “The View.”

“Twitter erupted when this co-host of ‘The View’ responded to a critic with the tweet ‘you were at my wedding Denise,’” the question read.

McCain was really enthusiastic about it. She tweeted, “Omggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Alex Trebek!!”

"Because they are trying to change the narrative ... not talking about all the other bad things that are going on."

On March 25, Denise McAllister, a contributor for The Federalist, slammed McCain in a tweet as “delusional mental midgets” that lack “emotional regulation.”

However, McCain isn't one to stand quiet when somebody tries to knock her down. She replied: “You were at my wedding Denise…”

Instantly, her response circulated around the web and inspired a series of memes.

A year ago, McCain also clapped back at President Donald Trump who has made extremely personal attacks on her father, Sen. John McCain.

"It's really good politics that they're doing right now," she said. "Because they are trying to change the narrative ... not talking about all the other bad things that are going on."

McCain's statements about the current president came two days after he ripped into her father at a political rally in Nashville, Tennessee, and more than two weeks after Kelly Sadler, the White House aide, dismissed her father's significance because he's dying.

During the political rally in Nashville, Trump roused his audience by going after Sen. John McCain for his vote last 2017 against a bill that would have overturned Obamacare.

McCain said there was "boos," adding that "it was elicited by President Trump at the rally."

The former Fox News contributor has been a public figure for much of her life. She first appeared at the 1996 Republican National Convention.

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